RIP Cain Hope Felder, Who Revealed Black Illustration in Scripture

Unhappy information from the world of Bible translation, as pioneering Bible scholar Cain Hope Felder has handed away. He was 76 years outdated. [h/t Christianity As we speak]

As a professor at Howard College, Felder’s analysis revealed that centuries of primarily white biblical scholarship had led to a typical understanding that the Bible is ethnically homogenous when in truth, in accordance with his analysis, there are numerous black individuals represented in Scripture.

“Black people are not only frequently mentioned [in the Bible],” he wrote, “but are also mentioned in ways that are favorable in terms of acknowledging their actual and potential role in the salvation history of Israel.”

His analysis revealed that, for instance, Moses’ spouse Zipporah was black, King David had black males in his military and Ebed-Melek — a royal official who rescued Jeremiah in Jeremiah 38 — was black too. Felder additionally mentioned it’s doable that the prophet Zephaniah was black.

And, after all, there’s Jesus who — whereas not black — was nearly actually not what trendy People would name “white.”

Felder believes his work was necessary as a result of he mentioned the erasure of optimistic depictions of black individuals within the Bible had helped gasoline the racist readings generally utilized by white supremacists to argue for white nationalism.

Among the many books he printed, edited and contributed to are True to Our Native Land: an African American New Testomony Commentary, a set of educational essays known as Stone the Highway we Trod and the Unique African Heritage Examine Bible, which “offers many unique features which reveal the African/Edenic contribution to Judaism and Christianity.” 

His loss of life was mourned by his colleagues and admirers on Twitter.