Tennessee Has Executed Nick Sutton for a 1985 Murder | RELEVANT Magazine

Tennessee Has Executed Nick Sutton for a 1985 Homicide | RELEVANT Journal

On Thursday, Nick Sutton was executed by the electrical chair 35 years after he was sentenced to loss of life for the stabbing loss of life of his fellow prisoner Carl Estep over a drug dispute. His ultimate phrases have been “I’m just grateful to be a servant of God, and I’m looking forward to being in His presence and I thank you.” Sutton was 58 years outdated.

Sutton was 28 years outdated when he and two different males killed Estep. He was already serving a life sentence for the homicide of his grandmother and two different males: Charles Almon and John Giant. In line with the Nashville Scene, Sutton was raised in an setting marked by abuse, neglect, substance abuse and psychological sickness.

Within the 35 years since his ultimate homicide, Sutton’s life has reworked. Three corrections officers have testified that Sutton saved their lives at numerous factors throughout his sentence. “A group of five inmates, armed with knives and other weapons, surrounded me and attempted to take me hostage. Nick and another inmate confronted them, physically removed me from the situation and escorted me to the safety of the trap gate in another building,” Tony Eden, a retired corrections official mentioned within the clemency software. “I owe my life to Nick Sutton.”

Charles Maynard additionally requested the state to spare Sutton’s life. Maynard was younger when Sutton killed his uncle Charles Almon. At the moment he’s a minister and mentioned he determined to become involved after an aunt informed him “you know that man is on death row and you know we don’t need to kill him.”

Nonetheless, Sutton’s clemency was denied.

In a ultimate assertion, Sutton wrote of how a lot he seemed ahead to assembly God. “I hope I do a much better job in the next life than I did in this one,” he mentioned. “If I could leave one thing with all of you, it is, don’t ever give up on the ability of Jesus Christ to fix someone or a problem. He can fix anything. Don’t ever underestimate His ability. He has made my life meaningful and fruitful through my relationships with family and friends. So, even in my death, I am coming out a winner.”

You possibly can learn the assertion in its entirety beneath, by way of Sutton’s attorneys.

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