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A few years in the past, Jordan Peterson was a bonafide phenomenon. The Canadian psychology professor was being described as probably the most influential public mental within the Western world”, who’d acquired a faithful, male-skewing fanbase for his at occasions controversial pop remixes of Jungian philosophy and his bestseller 12 Guidelines for Life, an ode of types to self-reliance and stoicism. Although Peterson was cagey on questions of faith, he expressed an admiration for the Bible and developed a following amongst Christians.

However then, Peterson basically vanished with out a lot of a hint. His daughter, a 28-year-old proponent of questionable diets named Mikhaila, posted a YouTube video saying her father been put right into a medically induced coma at an unnamed clinic in Russia. Based on her, Peterson had developed a bodily dependence on the drug clonazepam, and the coma was part of his plan to go chilly turkey. Mikhaila mentioned her father had almost died as a part of the ordeal.

It’s a really unusual story, and there’s nonetheless lots we don’t find out about what precisely occurred. The New Republic has pieced collectively data from Mikhaila’s scant YouTube movies and podcast interviews to give you a free principle of the occasions.

In 2017, evidently Peterson was prescribed clonazepam, a benzodiazepine, by a household physician as a method of treating his nervousness. The prescription was elevated after Peterson’s spouse was identified with kidney most cancers, and Peterson discovered himself unable to cease taking the drug with out experiencing withdrawal signs. (As TNR notes, there’s a distinction between “physical dependence” and “addiction”, and Mikhaila has confused that her father suffered from the previous).

Within the U.S., the medically really helpful therapy for weaning sufferers off of benzodiazepines takes a number of months, with medical doctors slowly reducing the dose of benzos at common intervals. The working principle is that Peterson needed a quicker therapy, and an unnamed Russian clinic was the one spot he may discover that may comply with it. Then, it appears, his physique both had a daunting response to the therapy requiring a medically induced coma or the coma itself was a part of the therapy.

It’s unclear what any of this implies for Peterson’s private or skilled future, however it’s a reminder of simply how complicated and harmful drug issues will be, and the way critically the therapy thereof must be taken.

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