The Trailer For 'The Elephant Queen' Confirms Elephants Are Awesome | RELEVANT Magazine

Elephants are superior. This requires no proof past a useful mind. Everybody is aware of elephants are superior. Little youngsters understand it. Outdated of us understand it. Poachers and massive sport hunters could not understand it, however they’re outliers. Elephants are leathery giants with rope noses. There may be nothing to not love.

And that’s the reason we’re virtually certain to like this upcoming documentary on Apple TV+, narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor, that follows the journey of 1 elephant household and its (superior) matriarch.

Try the trailer for The Elephant Queen.

There’s loads right here, together with attractive cinematography and virtually a promised assure of understanding extra about these superior animals. Put together your superior meter for a critical improve on November 1.

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