Trailer: A24 Goes Medieval for 'The Green Knight' | RELEVANT Magazine

Oh, now this appears to be like good.

David Lowery, the explosively gifted filmmaker behind films like A Ghost Story and The Outdated Man and the Gun has returned with what appears to be like like a folkloric romp by medieval lore, injecting some beautiful imagery and spooky vibes into Arthurian legend.

The Inexperienced Knight stars Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton and, as Gawain himself, Dev Patel. Have a look.

Oh, man. Did you see that? The howling fox? The enormous Groot-looking factor (presumably the “Green Knight”, as any English main can inform you)? DEV PATEL WITH A SWORD?? Can’t wait. Mark us down for “can’t wait.”

We’ll be there day one. Will you?

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