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The Enneagrama character evaluation toolhas gotten loads of press currently. Persons are taken with it; theyre taking on-line checks, listening to podcasts and shopping for books (For instance, The Highway Again to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery, launched on the finish of 2016 and offered over 100,000 copies in just a bit over a yr).

The enneagram is predicated on a numbering systemone by nineand your quantity helps to uncover your distinctive character traits. No system is ideal, however right here at RELEVANT, we thought it might be enjoyable to comb by the Bible and attempt to decide the place a few of our religious ancestors may land on the enneagramand decide our biblical doppelgangers that approach.

1: The Reformer

Youre strong-willed and justice-oriented, and youre keen to make a stand for what you care about.

Your doppelganger is the Apostle Paul, who turned from being a (literal) judgmental Pharisee (judgment is an achilles heel of this character sort) to being a person keen to undergo extraordinarily for the reason for Christ.

2: The Helper

Service is your center identify; you like giving to others and, so long as youre wholesome, dont want consideration to take action. (If youre unhealthy, youre in all probability in search of affirmation from others whenever you serve.)

Mary, the Mom of Jesus, is your doppelgangerwilling to serve God at a big value to herself however to the last word glory of God. Some assume John the Apostle can also be a 2.

3: The Achiever

Youre pushed and success-oriented, typically to the purpose of caring extra about the way you seem to others than you need to. However youre devoted and focuseda lot like Moses.

Though he cared an excessive amount of about how he appeared to others (see Numbers 20:8-13), he finally obeyed the Lord and led his folks nicely. Jacob may be a 3.

4: The Individualist

You are feeling deeply and feelings are central to your experienceas is being distinctive. King David might be your enneagram doppelgangera man after Gods coronary heart who expressed his emotions overtly and wholeheartedly to God within the guide of Psalms. Like him, work to focus your consideration again on the Lord whenever you really feel tempted to concentrate on your self and your pains above the rest.

5: The Investigator

Youre pushed by logic and straight-thinking greater than feelings and may are usually distant and aloof when youre unhealthy. However when youre Christ-centered and complete, you carry brilliance and perception to scriptural truths.

Luke, the physician and author of the books of Luke and Acts, is your doppelgangera individual of perception, knowledge and intelligence.

Thomas, the disciple of Jesus, can also be a very good instance of a 5needing to see and perceive earlier than believing.

6: The Loyalist

Similar to the identify, youre loyal and dedicated. And like Ruth, you care deeply concerning the folks and locations youre referred to as to. In an unhealthy state, you’ll be able to let concern dictate your selections, however like Ruth, you’ll be able to study to take dangers that result in nice pleasure and God-centered glory.

The Apostle Peter, devoted however typically fearful, can also be a 6.

7: The Fanatic

Youre energetic, energetic and the lifetime of the celebration. Like Barnabus, youre an encourager and also you like to carry others into the fold. Whenever you give your coronary heart, you give it utterly and are wholeheartedly dedicated to the affairs of the Lord. Your weak spot is that your love of all life has to supply can bend you towards dependancy and indulgence.

King Solomon is one other instance of a 7.

8: The Challenger

Youre an easy, even aggressive, chief, and also you care intensely about justice.

Like John the Baptist, you’re unafraid of standing as much as others for the sake of a better trigger. Simply watch out to maintain your ambition in test and use your strengthsas he didfor the great of others and never solely for your self.

Miriam, the sister of Moses, is one other instance of an 8.

9: The Peacemaker

You join simply with others and make them really feel comfy, andlike the Apostle Johnyou care about serving to others reconcile with God and with one another.

Whereas your tenderheartedness may make you keep away from arguments or battle with others, you’ll be able to belief that God is within the midst of these arduous issues and may use your items to level others to the true peace that Christ provides.

So, whats your quantity and whos your doppelganger?

See Richard Rohrs guide, The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective, for insights into many of those doppelgangers and the place a few of these concepts got here from.

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