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The nations will see your vindication, and all kings your glory; you can be known as by a brand new title that the mouth of the Lord will bestow . . . Not will they name you Abandoned, or title your land Desolate. However you can be known as Hephzibah, and your land Beulah. Isaiah 62:2,13

The saying, Sticks and stones might break my bones, however phrases won’t ever damage me couldn’t be any extra false. Truly, verbal abuse cuts to the core and wounds the spirit like piercing arrows.

Then again, a soothing tongue is a tree of life (Proverbs15:4), and the tongue of the righteous are like silver (Proverbs10:20). But extra elementary than affecting our emotions, the phrases individuals goal our method inform us whom and whose we’re. Phrases form establish.

God promised his individuals, Zion, a recent id by his phrases. Zion had drifted removed from God, ignored his regulation, and allowed injustice to run rampant. But God stated, The Redeemer will come to Zion, to these in Jacob who repent of their sins, (Isaiah60:20). After they did, God stated that Israels neighbors would not label them abandoned or desolate, however fairly my delight is in her (Hephzibah) and married (Beulah), and that his phrases would draw them to himself.

Is identical true as we speak for you and me? Dr.Neil Anderson of Freedom in Christ Ministries highlights phrases that God guarantees us after we are present in him, phrases reminiscent of:

  • Chosen
  • Redeemed
  • Full
  • Free from condemnation
  • Inseparable from his love
  • His workmanship
  • His temple
  • A minister of his reconciliation.

The record goes on (see [https://ficm.org/about-us/#!/who-i-am-in-christ]).

Have you ever embraced these phrases, and see your self as God sees you, or do you shrug them off and say, No, not me?

Expensive God, thanks that I’m who you say I’m. Assist me ignore the labels that Devil and the world want to impose on me. Draw my consideration to your promise of freedom and pleasure after I stroll with you, and should I do know your love and redemption in my life as I agree with what you say of me. Amen.

By Dr. Invoice Strom
Utilized by Permission

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