Developing a Tender Heart |Thoughts about God by Charles Stanley

Learn: Ezekiel 36:25-28

The Lord needs to offer every of us a “coronary heart of flesh” so that we’ll be pliable and conscious of Him. When touched by the finger of God, a young coronary heart yields to the strain and assumes the shape He wishes, very like a lump of clay that permits the potter to find out the form of the vessel.

To help on this course of, God has despatched the Holy Spirit to indwell every believer and awaken responsiveness in her or him. By yielding to the Spirit’s promptings with prepared obedience, the center turns into more and more tender and delicate to His main. The Lord is ready to impart better understanding of His Phrase to a delicate coronary heart as a result of it has faithfully accepted and obeyed earlier teachings.

Any resistance to God will end in hardening. However those that are accustomed to intimacy with Christwhich is the results of submission to Himwill be fast to take care of sin and return to the place of obedience and blessing.

Individuals with tender hearts keep intently related to the physique of Christ, in search of to construct up and encourage others of their stroll of religion. Such people aren’t solely receptive to what God needs to inform them; they’re additionally teachable, in that they’re prepared to pay attention and be corrected by others.

This week whenever you learn your Bible and pray, let your coronary heart be delicate towards the phrases of God. As He pokes His finger into every exhausting space, take heed to His directions, and depend on the Spirit’s energy that can assist you yield and obey. Let Him form you into a good looking and helpful vessel.

by Dr. Charles Stanley
Utilized by Permission

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