Don’t Restrict God

Don’t Restrict God


The e-book of Acts is thrilling! Miracles occur in each chapter. Though I’ve learn via your entire Bible yearly for over twenty-five years, God all the time opens my eyes to wonderful new insights. This 12 months I seen the assorted methods (not only one) during which God selected to talk to His followers. Examine them.

God spoke to His followers via angels.

An angel of the Lord mentioned to Philip. . .”(Acts 8:26)
An angel of the Lord got here to him and mentioned. . . ” (Acts 10:2)
The angel struck Peter on the facet and woke him up ‘Hurry! Get dressed and put on your sandals.’” (Acts 12:7)

God spoke to His followers via visions.

The Lord spoke to Ananias in a imaginative and prescient.” (Acts 9:10)

God spoke to His followers via His Holy Spirit.

Throughout this time the Holy Spirit mentioned to them. ‘Set aside for me Barnabas and Saul to do a particular work for which I’ve chosen for them.’” (Acts 13:2)

The Lord spoke to His followers immediately.

The subsequent evening the Lord got here and stood by Paul. He mentioned, ‘Be courageous!’” (Acts 23:11)

Had you seen that earlier than?

I mirrored on these verses and puzzled why God opened my eyes to the truth that He didn’t (and doesn’t) use only one or two methods to talk to His followers. The reply was,

“Don’t limit God to your incomplete knowledge of Him.”

Now we have the tendency to do this, don’t we?

Father God, thank You for opening our eyes and educating us new truths and displaying us new insights about Your self. Assist us to maintain on being learners. Forestall us from attempting to place You in our man-made bins. You’re so nice! Amen.

By Katherine Kehler
Utilized by Permission

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