Embracing God’s Name

Embracing God’s Name

Embracing God’s Name


Then the phrase of the Lord got here to Jonah a second time, ‘Go to the nice metropolis of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I offer you. Jonah 3:1-2

Then the phrase of the Lord got here to Jonah a second time, ‘Go to the nice metropolis of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I offer you.’

Is your coronary heart all the time delicate to God’s prompting?

I would favor to reply sure; nonetheless, as I ponder my very own response, I acknowledge that the one truthful reply is emphatically, “no.” Regrettably, many instances my coronary heart is enticed by my very own egocentric price, consolation, and comfort. Consequently, I endure the calamity of selection — the unavoidable trigger and impact of my very own disobedience — selecting my will over God’s will.

Can God use a reluctant coronary heart? Completely! God’s name is bigger than my tendency to disobey.

Curiously, Jonah’s ebook begins with God commissioning Jonah to be his consultant among the many Ninevites. Jonah, refusing to embrace God’s name, encounters the persuasive calamity of his personal self-centered selection. Regardless of Jonah’s apparent reluctance, God by no means revokes Jonah’s mission mantle; fairly, via Jonah’s disaster of circumstance and ensuing prayer, God reiterates Jonah’s name. In the end, Jonah’s obedience influences repentance among the many Ninevites.

What can we be taught from Jonah’s preliminary response to God’s name? Primarily, when God asks us to embrace his name, we can not emulate Jonah’s flight, concern, or foot-dragging response with out consequence. As present-day Gospel custodians, individually and collectively, we can not permit private pursuits and priorities to affect our reluctant response. God calls each Christ-follower to be his palms, ft, and voice. Might his enduring grace encourage us to affect our sphere of affect and particularly these he calls to change into his personal.

Expensive Heavenly Father, create in me a devoted coronary heart that’s delicate to your prompting. Empower and equip me to be your palms, ft, and voice amongst these I encounter in my life journey. Amen.

By Allan Mitchell
Utilized by Permission

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