God, Were Desperate for You by Jon Walker

Lord, were desperate for you. Were bunched up in confusion, moving by impulse and fear, flitting here and there like a frenzied flock caught in the wilderness of the far country.

We are here! We are here!

We know you hear; youve heard us before; youve swept in like shock and awe and saved us from our hopeless paralysis.

Do it again, O, Holy One; we are desperate for you. How long will you make us wait?

And you speak to us God, saying,

Yes, how long? How long must I wait while you wear my grace and peace like some cheap cloak bought at the secondhand store? How long must I wait while you chase after worthless things, like birds pushed by a winters wind? How long must I wait while you live out a lie because you think youve found the truth in something or someone other than me?

Oh God, I hear your heart. You set me apart; yet, I joined the crowd — like birds of a feather. I confess it was you who spoke me into my mothers womb; you who formed my innermost parts; and it is you who frees me from foolish folly.

It is you who gives me life; I have nowhere else to go.

From now on, Abba, when the swirl and twirl shoves at me, instead of taking to panicked wings; Ill let you quiet my soul. Ill lie upon my bed and listen for your still small voice, and I will be still and know that you are my God, the one and only, true Holy One.

I will offer you the sacrifice of righteousness not a guilt offering, not a must-make-it-up-to-you list but a broken and contrite heart.

I know now that these are what bring you joy. Dear Father, please shine your face upon me and light my way home, where I will lie within your wings and I will be at peace — because you are my peace and your peace envelopes my heart. I will sleep because I have none to fear but you.

Oh, Lord, I am desperate for you. I am ready now; I am willing now to be swept under the safety of your wings, as a hen gathers her chicks. (Matthew 23:37, NKJV)

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