Not Give Me, but Make Me | by Helen Lescheid

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus Philippians 4:19

Ive had it with Gods promises, a friend said. Ive asked Him for help numerous times and all He ever does is promise. I want Him to do something.

Like what?

Heal my body. Supply my financial needs. Restore a broken relationship“.

Can you relate? I sure can. Often Ive asked God to meet a specific need. I want Him to do it soon and in a very practical way. Sometimes, He does. But sometimes He doesnt.

A dear friend helped me get some perspective on this.

Instead of continually asking God to give you something, ask Him to make you into something. For instance, pray, Make me more like Jesus. Make me more compassionate. Make me a woman of faith.

When we pray Give me were treating God as though He exists to serve us. Whereas, when we pray make me we acknowledge that He is our God and we want to serve him.

Above all else, God is interested in our eternal welfare. For that reason, He is more interested in our character than in our comfort. To conform us to Christ-like-ness takes time. It also takes adversity. The answers to give me are temporal, whereas the answers to make me are eternal.

Father, thank you that you love me enough not to give me everything I ask for. Make me into a woman of faith. I want to be more like Jesus. Amen.

by Helen Lescheid
Used by Permission

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