Pearls of Grace – November 22

November 22

Spiritual Guardians

Watch yourselves, that you might not lose what we have accomplished, but that you may receive a full reward.”

2 John 1:8

The paternal apostle took pen in hand to write these words of warning to his beloved children in the Lord. It was written as a father to his child who was on the brink of spiritual failure; all the warning signs were there and out of love he could not ignore them. Gods heart is the same toward His children, always, because He loves us too much to keep silent. His warning to us is the same as Johns was when he wrote this epistle to Gods people. The warning is clear: Watch Yourselves! Watch means guard, look carefully at whats going on in your life because there could be grave consequences if you dont. What exactly did John want them to watch? The same thing God wants us to keep an eye on; our spiritual endurance. We all need these spiritual guardians in our lives.

Spiritual endurance was waning and Gods people were beginning to slip backward in their walk with the Lord. Spiritual ground can won and it can be lost. Its easy to slip into the mentality that, once weve made spiritual headway in our lives its there to stay but, in reality the opposite is true. We may run out of Gods presence but, we wont run back in”. Its often a quick exit but a very slow and painful return when we turn from God. Heavenly rewards are at stake and nothing is worth losing eternal investments. But, in order for this safeguard to be put in place, first they had to heed his warning and understand that as Christians, we can lose spiritual ground. Beloved, there is no neutral in the vehicle of faith.

Its an awesome privilege to be a child of God and still greater is the truth; God desires for us to be like Him. Hes willing to go to great lengths to mold us and shape us into the likeness of His Son and even more astounding is the boundlessness of His patience, as does this. Hes not content to leave you and me the way we are but He is intent on pursuing you to the fullest until every area of your life belongs solely to Him. All along our spiritual roadside are heavenly caution lights warning us to slow up and look hard at the direction we are headed. Holy shouts of “dont lose what God has done thus far” resound from the portals of eternity. Endurance is Gods heart; God doesnt want us to be quitters, beloved; He expects us to finish our course, no excuses.

Where are you today, precious one, in your spiritual growth? Have you continued to grow and mature into the holy woman God desires for you to be. Heed the heavenly warning still ringing forth today; its message is timeless. Guard your heart and mind, enclosing Gods investment in you. You are Gods greatest investment.

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