This Day We Battle!

This Day We Battle!

This Day We Battle!


The Results of a Passive Spirit

Scripture incorporates many examples of David’s valor. As a younger man, for example, whereas others trembled, David was prepared and wanting to face Goliath. David is an instance of 1 whom God selected, whose passions for God sustained him for many of his life.

But David additionally gives an instance for us of what occurs to good individuals when a passive spirit triumphs. For there was an event when David didn’t pursue his enemies, and the implications have been grave. It occurred as a result of he allowed a passive spirit to subdue his will.

Then it occurred within the spring, on the time when kings exit to battle, that David despatched Joab and his servants with him and all Israel, and so they destroyed the sons of Ammon and besieged Rabbah. However David stayed at Jerusalem” (2 Samuel 11:1).

Throughout a time of battle, the king accepted a passive spirit into his soul. Quickly we discover this nice warrior king virtually helpless to withstand the unfolding religious assault.

Now when night got here David arose from his mattress and walked round on the roof of the king’s home, and from the roof he noticed a lady bathing; and the lady was very lovely in look
(2 Samuel 11:2).

The girl was Bathsheba, the spouse of Uriah. From the second David accepted the affect of that passive spirit, his resistance was weakened; a paralysis of conscience occurred. Scripture says that “when night got here David arose from his mattress.” Maybe it was customary to relaxation within the afternoon, however it strikes me as inconsistent for David to nap whereas his males fought. It’s doable that this nap was not a response to a bodily want however an expression of the slumber that gripped his soul. He was in mattress till “evening.”

This heaviness of soul resting on David was really half of a bigger, synchronized religious assault. The opposite a part of that battle was the quiet, interior prompting that stirred Bathsheba to wash in a spot the place David might see her. Lastly, David, unable to withstand, and in defiance of his noble qualities,

despatched messengers and took her, and when she got here to him, he lay together with her” (2 Samuel 11:4).

Expensive buddy, bear in mind: This horrible ethical failure was not pushed by David’s lust or flagrant riot to God. A passive spirit launched David to his sin! The issue was merely that, in a time when the kings went forth to battle, David stayed at house.

We ourselves are in a time of battle. The Spirit of God is asking us to battle for our souls in addition to our households, cities and nations. Certainly, God’s Phrase reveals that

the Lord will go forth like a warrior, He’ll arouse His zeal like a person of battle. He’ll utter a shout, sure, He’ll increase a battle cry. He’ll prevail towards His enemies” (Isaiah 42:13).

Is that holy battle in you? Is there a battle cry in your spirit? In case you are born once more, that cry is inside you, even when it has been muted by lethargy.

We’ll by no means succeed as overcomers with out carrying in our spirits the battle cry of God. We should cease resisting the decision to prayer; we should embrace the truth of religious warfare; and we should battle with the weapons of warfare that God has given us, each for our personal progress and likewise on behalf of these we love.

Conversely, the second you give up your will to a passive angle, it’s best to anticipate {that a} temptation applicable to your weak point will quickly observe. It might not be Bathsheba; it might be pornography on the Web. Or it might be a coworker who begins to look engaging at a time whenever you and your partner are struggling. Regardless of the space of weak point in your life, Devil will search to use that space. It’ll probably not be a daring frontal assault. He’ll strategy you quietly, in whispers, stress-free your religious guard. What disarmed you was a passive spirit. If the enemy succeeds on this first stage of his assault, you’ll quickly end up wrapped up in one thing that may devastate you and your family members.

By Francis Frangipane
Utilized by Permission

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