Impossible Instructions | Devotional by Marilyn Ehler

Don’t be afraid. Stand agency and you will notice the deliverance the Lord will carry you at present. Exodus 14:13

The uncrossable sea growls in entrance of them, a tyrants roar rings of their ears, weapon-wielding troopers bear down. Defeat and loss of life are positive for the terrified Israelites. Despite God championing their escape from the horrors of captivity, they lose braveness, eager for that which had imprisoned them. God, take us again to the acquainted, to whips and starvation, to servitude. Anythings higher than dying right here within the desert.

Any expert and skilled army normal now encourages the folks with a rousing speech and strategic battle plan. Later of their journey, God did certainly give detailed army directions: Circle town seven occasions, blow your trumpets, take town. However now, at first of the lengthy journey, God says the unattainable:

Dont be afraidstand firmthe Lord will battle for youBE STILL.

What sea faces you?

What tyrant is roaring? What enemies goal their arrows of discouragement, loss, and worry? Earlier than God offers the command to maneuver on, he asks that we be nonetheless. Cease lengthy sufficient to gaze into Gods face. Cease in holy quiet to close out the roar of the tempter who insidiously murmurs that God isnt robust sufficient, isnt loving sufficient, cant presumably look after insignificant you. Cease lengthy sufficient to listen to Gods positive whisper,

I’ll battle for you.

Usually its solely after these momentsor daysof stillness that we hear the subsequent instruction: Transfer on. And when weve crossed the uncrossable sea, we, like one of many courageous Israelite girls will sing,

The Lord is my power and protection He’s my God and I’ll reward him

I confess, Lord, that the growling seas, tyrants roar, and enemys weapons both pull me into straightforward submission or a preventing stance in my very own power. Please assist me hold my eyes on you and my ears tuned to your Be nonetheless.

By Marilyn Ehle
Utilized by Permission

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