Bethany Christian Companies’ rebrand displays 75 years of ministry

Bethany Christian Companies’ rebrand displays 75 years of ministry

Worldwide (MNN) – Bethany Christian Companies is rebranding their group to replicate a broader outlook of their work and to assist in the growth and understanding of their applications with companions and beneficiaries.

“We’ve had the same materials around for years,” Bethany’s President Chris Palusky says.

“People, they’ve known us for domestic infant adoption… but people don’t seem to know about just these other areas that we have been working in. Domestic infant adoption is about 13 percent of our work. But working with refugees is about 40 percent of our work; working in the foster care [and] in the foster care adoption space is over 40 percent of our work.”


One in every of Bethany’s targets in rebranding their group is to offer a greater image of their work.

To try this, they first redesigned their emblem. Their new emblem is now an enormous ‘B’ with a cross as part of it.

Bethany Christian Companies’ rebrand displays 75 years of ministry

(Picture courtesy of Bethany Christian Companies through Fb)

Palusky says the concept that fueled this emblem was to make it identifiable and simpler to level beneficiaries in the fitting path whereas Bethany staff are within the discipline aiding them.

“People could say, ‘Go to the big ‘B’ with the cross in it,’” Palusky says.

Bethany has additionally revamped their web site to higher replicate the variety of applications they’ve and the alternative ways volunteers can become involved — whether or not it’s by means of praying, giving, refugee work, foster care, or adoption.

“But there’s so much more,” Palusky says.

“So, one of many causes that we’re going by means of this rebrand is to say that is what Bethany is about. We’re the gritty Christians. We at all times have been and we at all times will likely be. And, we’re in the midst of the mess. We’re in the midst of the foster care disaster. We’re in the midst of the unaccompanied minor disaster, and we’re in the midst of the worldwide refugee disaster.

“We’re in the midst of the mess because the gritty Christians as a result of that’s the place we consider Christ would need us to be.”

Within the Midst of the Mess

Bethany is of their 75th 12 months and the group has grown immensely. Marguerite Bonnema and Mary DeBoer initially based Bethany in 1944. Palusky says they’re described as being powerful as nails.

They first assisted one baby, then two, then three, and the variety of kids continued to develop, as did the variety of their applications. As they grew, they saved in thoughts that household is the answer.

Bethany Christian Companies’ rebrand displays 75 years of ministry

(Picture courtesy of Bethany Christian Companies through Fb)

Bethany has maintained Bonnema and Deboer’s mentality of ‘being in the mess,’ working with essentially the most susceptible individuals on the planet, and holding households collectively.

With the group’s rebrand, Bethany needs to make sure that their supplies, their strategy, and their future work persistently replicate this to companions and beneficiaries, in addition to the totally different fields they work in and plan to work in.

Palusky says alongside the media adjustments of their emblem and web site, Bethany will start to alter the way in which they talk about their applications.

“You’re going to see us talking more about how we’re working in these difficult places — be it domestically, be it on the border, or be it internationally…. I think you’ll see more of the breadth of what we’re doing, rather than just one service line.”

Bethany will proceed increasing their work with in-country adoptions, in-country foster care, and dealing with unaccompanied refugee minors domestically and internationally.

Go to Bethany’s new web site and discover methods you may get concerned on a neighborhood or world scale immediately. Get began right here.




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