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Lebanon (MNN) – Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon are not any picnic. Sanitation is dicey, sickness lurks in each nook, and meals and house are significantly missing. The phrases typically related to the camps are ‘squalid’, ‘overcrowded’ and ‘uncared for’.

There is a robust push from the Lebanese authorities to pressure the refugees again into Syria, the destruction of a number of camps, and crackdowns on the refugees, and they’re undesirable. Trying into Syria, it is not secure sufficient to return dwelling but, so virtually a 3rd of Lebanon’s inhabitants is actually ‘stateless.’

The federal government does not acknowledge them, and to the populace, they’re faceless lots. Briefly, they’re ‘nobodies.’ Nobody will miss them in the event that they disappear as a result of nobody will discover. Meaning they’re doubly weak prey to traffickers. Triumphant Mercy’s Lebanon director, Nuna, says she was shocked to study that for a number of the refugees they’re serving to, this is a matter.

Horror at a brand new problem

Lebanon: a brand new horror in Syrian refugee camps

(Photograph courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon)

First, she says, “Teachers started to come to me, and even parents started to say, ‘you have to have the van come inside the camp.’ Usually, we gather in front of the camp so we can pick them up and bring them to school.”

When she inquired additional, “I started to hear stories of so many kids just waiting on the stairs of their home and some other car coming and trying to pick them up–things like that that are just repetitive now. It’s a new situation that we’re facing; I don’t know how to deal with this.”

Nuna began investigating these tales as a result of nothing had made it into their native media. “I asked people that I know, inside the UN (UNHCR). They hadn’t heard it. But then they started to ask, and then two days later, they came back to me and said, ‘Yes, this is happening.'” What horrified her was the type of trafficking concerned. It was already horrifing to listen to that traffickers preyed on youngsters, however it wasn’t labor and even intercourse trafficking. “It is organ trafficking—promoting organs.”

A current BBC investigation revealed that as Syrian refugees develop extra determined to assist themselves and their households, they’ve resorted to promoting physique elements, leading to a booming enterprise in Lebanon.

What to do?

Triumphant Mercy instantly doubled down on safety measures to attempt to shield households they work with. Nevertheless, the underground that connects this type of market nonetheless deeply troubles her. Nuna has by no means needed to take care of evil of this nature earlier than. She prays for knowledge as a result of the considered one thing taking place on her watch retains her awake at evening. “Prayer is definitely needed for not only for Triumphant Mercy but for these people, that they will be caught, that the government will be able to do something.”

Lebanon: a brand new horror in Syrian refugee camps

(Photograph courtesy of Triumphant Mercy)

The refugees additionally turned to her for assist as a result of they belief the ministry staff. TM invests closely in constructing relationships, so additionally they perceive the misery, and the refugees belief them.

In consequence, these new safety challenges weigh closely. “Not only have you been displaced, not only do you have the pressure of life, not only do you not know what tomorrow holds, but you also don’t know if you’re going to be evicted from camp or not. You don’t know if you’re going to be able to go back to Syria or not, but also being afraid that your kids will disappear. That’s another trauma on top of everything else.”

Pray by way of the information

For now, TM’s response is sufficient. They’re those who let Syrian refugees know that Triumphant Mercy sees them and that they matter in additional methods than one. For Nuna, it is about sharing the burden within the face of a shadowy menace. “Why would I spend time with people that I don’t know, that will leave sometime, that I might never see again? It’s just so that I can share the love of Christ, share that Christ is there for everyone, that they’re not forgotten—to share that there is hope for tomorrow.”

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Header photograph courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon