Marginalized girls discover hope in biblical accounts

Marginalized girls discover hope in biblical accounts

Worldwide (MNN) – Taking examples of the tales of individuals from the Bible could be an encouraging reminder that you just’re not alone. Worldwide Media Ministries (IMM) is incorporating tales of girls from the Bible to achieve marginalized girls at present to do exactly that.

“We’ve heard from broadcast partners that women’s issues are really important and they need more products that address women,” IMM’s Denise Godwin says.

“So, we’ve journeyed into several pieces, short spots, for the internet and then full dramas of the women of the Bible to communicate to marginalized, abused women that they are still precious in the eyes of God no matter what has happened in their lives.”

Their applications are that includes tales of girls like Ruth, Rahab, Tamar, and Bathsheba, all of whom have relatable storylines and might tackle the struggles of girls at present.

Godwin says Ruth is basically a refugee as a result of she left her dwelling nation simply as many ladies on this world have been pressured to do lately.

“We have Rahab, who’s sort of dealing with civil war and collapse of her culture. We’ve got Tamar who’s almost in an honor killing with a family member, and Bathsheba, who’s in an abusive power situation, and these really resonate in the headlines today.”

Godwin says girls who’ve learn the scripts have asserted that these tales and dramas are precisely what they want.

Tales like these are appearing as encouragements for ladies who could also be in jail, trafficked, in an abusive marriage, have an sickness, or be in different tough circumstances that they can not change, and it shares with them that they’re by no means too removed from God and they’re going to all the time be valued by Him.

“They may not be able to change the paradigm, but they can see women from the Bible, from history, from their own land that stood strong anyway, and I think that reinforces their faith, gives them hope that they are not alone… but other women have walked that journey before them and that God was faithful no matter what.”

Tales that Problem Religion

Godwin says one story of religion that has moved and challenged her is the story of Perpetua and Felicitas.

Briefly, Perpetua was a wealthy, noble lady who accepted Christ. Her household begged her to surrender her religion so she and her household wouldn’t be persecuted. Nonetheless, she and her slave lady, Felicitas, stood agency of their religion regardless of the persecution and dying they confronted.

“It’s such a reflection of Paul saying rich, and slave, and free, and poor all mixed together in the Kingdom of God, but for the Roman culture, that was a visual depiction that women could stand for their faith and have their own voice… a message that really resonates today in north Africa and other parts of the world where persecution is occurring.”

Marginalized girls discover hope in biblical accounts

(Photograph courtesy of Worldwide Media Ministries through Fb)

Godwin says she has been challenged by this story and different tales which are from the Bible to ask herself, “do I only want comfort for my faith, or can I persevere when there are challenges?”

Tales like these of Perpetua and Felicitas, Ruth, Rahab, and others problem girls all over the world to ask that very same query.

IMM needs to make use of their applications to encourage girls to persevere of their religion and lives and consider that God is with them in one of the best and worst of occasions.

IMM is presently growing extra tales and desires your help bodily, prayerfully, and financially.

Pray for the event of their tales and dramas, pray for God to offer volunteers, and at last, pray for the ladies who’re watching the tales to be strengthened with the information that God is with them.

Equip IMM with the monetary sources they should proceed growing tales.

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