Praying for Muslims replaces concern with love

Worldwide (MNN) — There’s a robust temptation in society to kind “them versus us” identities. The schisms between political events, non secular teams, races, and socioeconomic statuses will be deep.

Between Christians and Muslims, this divide usually appears to be like like concern. Persecution in opposition to Christians is on the rise world wide. With many Christian assaults perpetrated by Muslim extremists, that concern solely grows.

Nevertheless, Jane* from Cry Out says permitting concern to dominate our interactions hinders our Christian witness within the Muslim world.

Praying for Muslims replaces concern with love“I believe there are such a lot of misperceptions that every one Muslims are terrorists, or all Muslims need all non-Muslims to die, which is so not true. Muslims are simply regular individuals such as you and me. They’ve households, they’ve buddies, they’ve goals, they’ve hopes, they’ve aspirations, [and] they’ve simply as many fears as now we have.

“Often, I think they have even more fear because we have the knowledge of the truth. We have the revelation of Jesus’s love for us. They don’t have any of the certainty that we have in God…. I think a lot of them live with more fear than we realize. But we allow our own fear, which is not based on truth, to blind ourselves to who they are.”

Proper now, the Muslim world is within the thick of Ramadan, an Islamic holy month targeted on fasting and prayer as Muslims search Allah’s favor. There are a lot of Christian prayer initiatives throughout Ramadan encouraging believers to hope for Muslims to search out salvation in Jesus Christ.

Jane says praying for Muslims, particularly throughout a season like Ramadan, can actively change our personal hearts and foster compassion for the Muslim world.

Praying for Muslims replaces concern with love

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“Possibly a part of what we needs to be praying is that God would change the concern that we really feel for the unknown — for the particular person we do not perceive as a result of she or he appears to be like totally different from me — to switch that with His love for them. As a result of God loves all Muslims everywhere in the world.

“I believe we will ask God to provide us that love, that we might have the boldness to go to them and simply converse to them as regular individuals and simply love them the best way that He loves them. We’re Jesus’s arms and ft. How will they know that Jesus loves them if we’re not keen to like them?”

Ramadan is a essential time to hope as a result of it’s a time when Muslims are genuinely hungry to listen to from God. They need the reality and are extra spiritually conscious, maybe, than every other time of the yr.

“They are very focused on giving up their physical things, so they can encounter spiritual things,” says Jane. “They’re very open to dreams [and] to encounters with God. There’s an openness to talk about God. There’s an openness to engage with God. There’s an openness to seek His face in whatever way they can meet Him.”

Cry Out continuously hears tales of Muslims who’ve goals and visions of “a man in white” throughout Ramadan. They quickly uncover that man is Jesus and are available to religion in Him.

Praying for Muslims replaces concern with love

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“There’s an openness for encountering angels.  There’s an openness for prayer, for having dreams or visions in the night. I think we can pray specifically for people to dream about Jesus or for angels to appear in people’s dreams during this month,” says Jane.

“However much more than that, we will pray for believers that know Muslims, or which can be neighbors with Muslims, or that reside in Muslim international locations to have the boldness on this month to truly ask their Muslim buddies, ‘Have you ever had a dream of a person in white? Can we speak about it? Do you need to speak about who the person in white was in your dream?’

“Especially believers in the West should be encouraged and challenged during this month. As we’re praying for our Muslim neighbors [and] our Muslim friends to have these dreams, we should also have the boldness to actually ask them when they have dreams, and whether they will be open to talking about those dreams.”

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*Identify modified for safety functions.