Social media as a software for ministry

Worldwide (MNN) — With its standard-setting energy and time-consuming tendencies, social media generally is a harmful factor. However what if the requirements set on social media have been primarily based on Gospel-found hope? And what if time spent on social media meant time spent in neighborhood with the Church?

That’s the principal driving many ministries to make use of social media as a software for good. Amongst them is Horizons Worldwide. Pierre Houssney of Horizons Worldwide says that most of the issues social media causes are discovered or amplified within the Center East and North Africa.

That feels like a foul factor, however truly, it offers ministries a possibility. “What we’re able to do now is put the Gospel in front of them while they’re spending all these hours on social media looking at videos and pictures and having conversations, and we’re finding that a lot of people are really open to the gospel,” Houssney says.

New Energy in New Expertise

Social media is a software to not be taken frivolously. “Any power or any media, it could have a lot of influence for bad or influence for good,” Houssney says. Happily, the Church already has a monitor report of reaching the Center East with expertise.

Social media as a software for ministry

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Within the 90s, satellite tv for pc TV offered ministries with entry factors to the Center East and North Africa, even past beforehand closed borders. Nonetheless, that interplay was largely a method. Satellite tv for pc TV ministries may present individuals with entry to Gospel hope, however responses have been restricted to written letters, emails, and call-in channels.

These ministries nonetheless have efficient outreach work to today, however Houssney wished to emphasise response and dialogue. “It’s a very low cost for the ministries, and it’s very easy for the people that are responding to the content to respond,” he says.

Beverly’s Testimony

Utilizing social media successfully means utilizing relationships successfully. Beverly knew how to do this.

“I have a friend whose name is Beverly (she actually passed away last year),” Houssney says. She “was living in in Colorado, and she had an amazing heart for Tunisia, for North Africa, and for Muslims… In her spare time, she would spend a lot of time on Facebook, just kind of getting to know Tunisian women and other Muslim women and befriending them, sharing the gospel with them, and mentoring them.”

Over the course of some years, Beverly created a community of contacts, lots of whom have been believers, that targeted on encouraging each other and sharing the hope that they had discovered within the Gospel.

Pure Coronary heart of the Center East

Tales like Beverly’s are why Houssney needs to correctly make the most of social media as a ministry software. Horizons Worldwide now has a social media platform known as Pure Coronary heart of the Center East that focuses on sharing testimonies with the Center East and North Africa area.

Social media as a software for ministry

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“We’ve been posting videos about stories of transformation, where converts from Islam are sharing their testimonies of how they experienced Jesus and had their lives changed,” Houssney says. “As a result of that, people are people are really responding in amazing ways. Some of these videos are getting upwards of 120,000 views by people in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Individuals who need to reply are instantly put in touch with pastors and volunteers prepared and ready to have conversations. Thus far, it’s been efficient. “Just in the past few months, we’ve had 35 people come to Christ who are being discipled through this Facebook platform in the Middle East and Africa, all from a Muslim background,” Houssney says.

Wish to become involved? Join with Horizons Worldwide to study extra. You can too take a look at Pure Coronary heart of the Center East proper right here. Mission Community Information even has our personal Fb group you may be part of.

Within the meantime, “Pray that God would raise up more harvesters also to be getting involved on social media instead of just consuming content that’s meaningless or watching funny cat videos on social media,” Houssney says. Pray that believers “would really get involved in the lives of seekers from a Muslim background to have an impact for the Gospel.”



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