The Israeli/Palestinian battle—a sore spot for Arab Christians

The Israeli/Palestinian battle—a sore spot for Arab Christians

Palestine (MNN) – Christians within the Arab World are usually the minority inhabitants. This contains within the Holy Land the place Christ was born. Nevertheless, it doesn’t imply Arab Christians fall consistent with the politics of their Western brothers and sisters. One specific space—the Israeli/Palestinian battle. Many Christians particularly in Israel and Palestine and even nations resembling Jordan are literally of Palestinian nationality. Nevertheless, these Christians are a minority due to each their spiritual and their citizenship.

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Israeli/Palestinian Battle Politics

George, an Arab Christian related to Program for Theological Training by Extension, says there are conditions the place Christians from the West come to the Arab World and attempt to persuade their Arab brothers and sisters of their very own political stance relating to the Israeli/Palestinian battle. Usually, these political beliefs pushed onto the Arab Christians lack a deeper understanding of the complexity of the battle and the way it impacts the remainder of the Arab World.

The Israeli/Palestinian battle—a sore spot for Arab Christians

Palestine (Photograph courtesy of MissyKel by way of Flicker)

“Israel is a complicated issue in our area…the religious and the political level. So, they need to separate between serving God and their stance towards Israel. If there are, let me say, missionaries who want to come and serve God or people who want to serve God but [they believe], they have some kind of, let me say, special belief about Israel, they need to come keeping this faith for them,” George says.

“I mean this does not help us if they believe [Israel will or the people of Israel will restore the land an all of this]… Let them keep this belief for them because if they want to come and convince us of this or talk about it to the government or any of these things, this will hurt us more than really helping us.”

Shifting Mindset About Israel

George shouldn’t be asking anybody to alter their political stance however to concentrate on the context surrounding it. Selling a pro-Israel stance comes throughout as political and damages the Gospel message within the Arab World context. Additionally, some Arab Christians disagree with the pro-Israel view for theological causes. George says politics shouldn’t be faith, and within the Arab World these two must be separate. Spiritual work must be performed and not using a political agenda.

The Israeli/Palestinian battle—a sore spot for Arab Christians

(Photograph courtesy of Anton Mislawsky by way of Unsplash)

“We have our reasons, theologically, [not] politically [for not being pro-Israel]. And in addition to that, [Christians] need to remember that…the first century, those Jews who did not believe in Jesus were cut out of, were cut [out of] Jesus,” George says.

“Whoever wants to benefit from Jesus, faith is the way to do this. So, he needs to understand it. I mean the Jews and Gentiles need to be saved in the same way which is through Jesus, faith in Jesus. So, whether you love Israel or do not love it, Jesus is the way for Jews and Gentiles and this did not change. It will not change.”

George recommends for Christians who’ve a coronary heart for Israel to maybe contemplate outreach in Israel relatively than pursuing a political stance internationally. Second, belief God. Pray for God’s hand within the Israeli/Palestinian battle in addition to for the worldwide Church to face with its household in Christ, not towards it. Lastly, pray for God’s love and reality to penetrate the hearts of those that don’t know Him.



Header picture courtesy of Anton Mislawsky by way of Unsplash.

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