Two Christians killed by Turkey airstrikes in Syria

Syria (MNN) — The U.S. Fee on Worldwide Spiritual Freedom is urging President Trump to make Turkey cease airstrikes on or close to Kurdish communities in northern Syria.

Pierre Houssney of Horizons Worldwide tells MNN two Christians had been amongst these killed throughout this week’s assaults. “I just heard…that the first two casualties of the Turkish bombing were two Assyrian Christian guys,” Houssney says.

“Pictures came of their bodies and they had crosses tattooed on their forearms. A Muslim reporter, when she saw that picture… she said, ‘Christ is being crucified again’.”

See how Horizons makes Christ identified amongst Syrian Kurds.

Why is Turkey attacking Syrian Kurds?

On Wednesday, Turkey started an air and floor offensive in Kurdish-controlled areas of northern Syria. Extra about Turkey-Kurdish tensions right here. The U.S. withdrew its troops from the world days earlier however discouraged Turkey from filling the void.

Two Christians killed by Turkey airstrikes in Syria

Kurdistan is a roughly outlined geo-cultural area spanning elements of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran whereby the Kurdish individuals kind a distinguished majority inhabitants.
(Map courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Now, “tens of thousands of civilians are on the move to escape the fighting and seek safety,” the UNHCR warned in yesterday’s press launch.

“What we’re hearing from the ground through our Kurdish sources is that there [are] just random bombings that are happening…there are a lot of families fleeing and trying to go to safer areas, only to [be] bombed in those supposedly-safer areas,” Houssney says.

“There’s a lot of chaos and there’s a lot of people getting killed.”

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims he needs to show Kurdish-controlled areas into “safe zones” for Syrian refugees. When the UN Safety Council declared an “emergency meeting” to debate Turkey’s actions, Erdogan threatened to ship hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to Europe.

Houssney says a brand new risk is rising from the ruins left by Turkey’s airstrikes.

“The first targets of the Turkish bombing were prisons [which held] the ISIS members… the Kurds have been trying to deal with over 90,000 ISIS survivors between the ISIS fighters and their families – their wives and their many children,” he explains.

Because the airstrikes destroyed Kurdish prisons, “the ISIS fighters entered villages nearby with knives and started massacring people.”

What occurs to those that survive?

Two Christians killed by Turkey airstrikes in Syria

(Photograph courtesy of Horizons Worldwide)

As UNHCR famous above, hundreds of individuals are fleeing northern Syria. If Turkey doesn’t need refugees, the place will they go?

Lebanon hosts the second-largest variety of refugees within the area, however “many nonprofit organizations have reduced the amount of food portions they are offering because the resources are starting to run out,” Houssney says.

“That goes for our organization as well. We recently had to cut in half the amount of food portions monthly that we’ve been giving through churches and through our ministry centers.”

Lebanon has one of many highest public money owed on the planet. Final month, Lebanon declared a state of financial emergency. This summer time, Lebanon’s authorities elevated strain on Syrian refugees to return dwelling.

“To think of receiving yet another wave of refugees – it leaves us feeling quite powerless.”

How will you assist?

Two Christians killed by Turkey airstrikes in Syria

Evangelical service for Kurdish refugees.
(Photograph, caption courtesy of Horizons Worldwide)

The Lord stays in management. Ask Him to assist teams like Horizons as they assist refugees coming to Lebanon. Pray for an finish to violence and brutal assaults in Syria. “Please do pray for the Kurdish believers that are on the run,” Houssney requests.

“[Pray] that God would really use them to spread the Gospel…so that they might see the light of Jesus through this whole crisis.”

Contemplate giving to assist Horizons proceed their work amongst Syrian Kurds. Houssney says their ministry amongst this individuals group is rising. Contact Horizons for particulars, and point out this text.



Header picture is a consultant photograph depicting an F-16 Preventing Falcon of the Turkish Air Pressure (Türk Hava Kuvvetleri). Photograph obtained through Wikimedia Commons.