Used Christian books encourage South Sundanese believers

South Sudan (MNN) – In South Sudan, proudly owning a Christian guide or perhaps a Bible has been troublesome for a lot of believers coping with uncertainty, persecution, and the trauma of civil struggle. This month, 45,000 copies arrived by means of Mission Cry.

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

Mission Cry distributed two transport containers price of used bibles, seminary supplies, and Christian books earlier this month. These supplies have been donated to strengthen South Sudanese Christians by fellow believers hundreds of miles away.

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(Picture courtesy of Mission Cry)

“These people are hoping and asking and believing that they could have a Bible, something that they can afford. And they want a Bible, they want a Christian book, even if it’s used. And if they can get a used Bible or a Christian book, then that’s going to change their life,” says Jason Woolford of Mission Cry.

Since 1956 Mission Cry has been distributing used Christian literature all over the world.

In South Sudan, Woolford is partnering with Far Reaching Ministries, which focuses on coaching chaplain troopers who serve within the area. Being a chaplain is a high-risk position; 18 chaplains have been killed previously few years.

“Where we’re partnering with them is giving them their first-ever mission Cry Christian Resource International Bible, giving them the ability to read about the very God that they’re being martyred for,” Woolford says.

A Nation in want of Therapeutic

Even now, residents take care of the aftermath of civil struggle and ongoing tensions. The brutal battle noticed baby troopers, widespread torture and sexual violence, displacement, and destroyed lives. Learn extra about South Sudan’s ongoing struggles and the occasions of the previous 12 months right here.

“People need the word and they want the word, so we’re going to give it to them, especially those that are suffering real persecution for the name of Christ,” Woolford says.

Although the cargo of supplies has simply arrived there’s already a requirement for extra.

“There’s 80,000 people that are requesting, and needing, and have the ability to speak in English,” he explains.

Books for Believers from Believers

Woolford is asking for assist to proceed getting supplies to believers in want.

Mission Cry, bibles, books, donations

(Picture courtesy of Mission Cry)

“It costs us about $10,000 to send a sea container, but that’s filled with nearly a half a million dollars worth of stuff, so I’m asking about things that change people’s eternity forever or encourage them in a testimony,” Woolford says. Click on right here to give.

Your personal used books may very well be what encourages a fellow believer in want. Donate your gently used supplies right here.

Woolford asks for believers to hope for Mission Cry and the continued success of the ministry. Pray that these supplies will likely be a supply of renewal and hope for South Sudanese believers. Pray for the peace and restoration of South Sudan and the therapeutic of its folks.

“We’re sending the only thing in the world that doesn’t return void, and that’s the word of God. And then on top of it, we’re sending the used Word of God. In other words, Bibles that were sitting on people’s shelf that we’re going to be thrown out the word of God thrown out but instead we’ve recaptured it,” Woolford says.



Header picture courtesy of Mission Cry.