10+ New and Notable Books for September

10+ New and Notable Books for September

10+ New and Notable Books for September

As I’m positive you recognize, I wish to carry on high of latest Christian e book releases. Most of them present up in my mailbox at one time or one other, and I all the time attempt to take the massive pile and type it all the way down to a a lot smaller pile. What stays are my new and notable books. Right here’s a group for September, 2019.

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberPal-ish: Reclaiming Actual Friendship in a Tradition of Confusion by Kelly Needham. “Bible trainer Kelly Needham debunks our world’s constricted, small view of friendship and casts a richer, extra life-giving, biblical imaginative and prescient for friendship as God meant it to be. Because the household unit grows extra unstable and the common age of marriage will increase, a shift is going down in our tradition: for many individuals, associates now play the position of household. And simply as with household relationships, our friendships typically don’t prove fairly as we envisioned or hoped, and we surprise, Is there a greater approach to do that? In Pal-ish, Kelly Needham takes an in depth take a look at what Scripture says about friendship. She reveals the distorted view most of us have of it and recasts a wonderful imaginative and prescient for a Christian understanding. By educating us methods to acknowledge signs of idolatry and dependency, she equips us to know and tackle the issues that come up in friendship–from neediness to discord and even sexual temptation. With hard-fought knowledge, a transparent view of Scripture, and been-there perspective, Needham reorients us towards the purposeful, loving relationships all of us crave that in the end convey us nearer to God.” (Get it at Amazon)

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberThe Gospel-Centered Life within the Bible by New Progress Press. The Gospel-Centered Life within the Bible is a brand new collection of research guides meant primarily for small-group use. It has launched with two volumes: Jonah: Grace for Sinners and Saints by Iain Duguid and Ruth: Redemption for the Damaged by Jared Wilson. The volumes “can be adapted for one-to-one discipleship, small group, or large group settings. The comprehensive leader’s guides are included in the text, making it an easy-to-follow structure to engage men and women.” I consider they’re a part of the broader and rising assortment of “Gospel-Centered” sources produced by New Progress Press, which additionally consists of two Gospel-Centered Life volumes for teenagers and younger adults: Exodus and Mark. (Jonah (Amazon, WTS) and Ruth (Amazon, WTS))

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberThe Complete Armor of God: How Christ’s Victory Strengthens Us for Religious Warfare by Iain Duguid. Talking of Iain Duguid, right here’s one other new e book along with his identify on the quilt. “The Christian life is a battle. We are in a daily struggle against the world, sin, and Satan. But God didn’t leave us to fend for ourselves. He gave us his own armor–armor that Jesus has already worn on our behalf all the way to the cross. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is now at work inside of us. This book unpacks each of the pieces of spiritual armor Paul describes in Ephesians 6, inviting us to take up the armor each day, all while resting in the finished victory of Christ and the assurance that our strength for the battle comes from him.” (Get it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberThe Rhythm of the Christian Life: Recapturing the Pleasure of Life Collectively by Brian Wright. “Most of us assume that if we may merely stability our lives higher, we might be happier. However what we really want is to rediscover the rhythm. As Christians, our complete life consists of loving God and loving others, identical to Jesus did. On this e book, Wright invitations us to search out true pleasure as we embrace these two core realities and uncover how they’re meant to work in tandem. Discover The Rhythm of Christian Life and recapture the enjoyment of life collectively as God all the time meant.” Dave and Gloria Furman present this endorsement: “Everyone would benefit from pausing to think deeply about the rhythm (or lack thereof) of their daily life. Brian Wright’s book draws from the deep well of Bonhoeffer’s work on the rhythm of life; it’s refreshing and challenging at the same time. Read it together with someone or schedule it for the end of the year or season. We highly recommend this excellent book.” (Get it at Amazon)

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberJ. Gresham Machen: A Biographical Memoir by Ned Stonehouse. It is a reprint of a key biography of a key Christian determine. “John Gresham Machen (1881-1937) was one of the most significant figures in the evangelical church throughout the twentieth century. He is best known through his vision for a truly evangelical presbyterian church in the USA, and as the founder of Westminster Theological Seminary, Pennsylvania. Gifted with an incisive mind which was finely tuned to the highest level of scholarship, he placed above all else his concern for Christ’s gospel and the reliability of the Scriptures. For these he was prepared to suffer opposition, abuse, and even rejection. In the Philadelphia seminary, Machen gathered around him a team of men, including Cornelius Van Til, Paul Woolley, John Murray, and Ned Stonehouse, whose work took on international significance, and brought guidance to Christian scholarship and wisdom to the entire Christian church. Machen laid everything he possessed in tribute at the feet of Christ. He was, so to speak, a rich, young ruler in the church of God who sold all to follow his Master. He was deeply concerned to bring his warmhearted and accurate exposition of the gospel to the entire church. Such works of his as God Transcendent, The Christian View of Man, and An Introduction to the New Testament, have put many readers in his debt.” (Get it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberRadically Totally different: A Pupil’s Information to Group by Champ Thornton. “Radically Totally different by best-selling creator Champ Thornton is an insightful information for center and highschool college students who wish to stay radically despite the fact that life and relationships are difficult. By inspecting life by means of the biblical lenses of Creation, Fall, and Redemption, readers can discover how God’s Phrase untangles the twists of life. There are such a lot of areas of life to navigate when rising up, and this sensible useful resource stuffed with biblical knowledge helps center and highschool college students discover encouragement within the on a regular basis challenges of life. God made every little thing, together with relationships, to be good. However due to the autumn, every little thing—together with relationships with dad and mom, associates, and siblings—are additionally damaged. Christ got here to make all issues new, and due to this biblical perspective, readers of Radically Totally different can know with readability they’re set aside as distinctive. Thornton invitations youngsters to contemplate how they’re set aside—particularly in a time when Christianity is an increasing number of culturally marginalized. He guides them to embrace what it means to stay Christianly in a morally murky and more and more hostile world. Radically Totally different helps youngsters stay in and relate to the fact of excellent, unhealthy, and new, which makes us radically human, radically biblical, and radically totally different.” (Pupil Information: Amazon, WTS; Chief Information: Amazon, WTS)

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberReworked by Fact: Why and The right way to Examine the Bible for Your self As a Teen by Katherine Forster. “Studying God’s Word as a teenager changed my life … And it can change yours, too. The Bible is more than just an ancient religious document. It’s a book filled with the actual words of the living God, meant to be read often and studied deeply that we might experience its life-changing power. If you’re a teen who’s tired of low expectations and weightless platitudes, this book will help you dig into the Bible and make the time you spend reading count for eternity. Katherine Forster walks you through three simple practices that changed how she reads Scripture—observation, interpretation, and application—so you too can begin to understand what God has said in his word and discover how God’s truth can literally transform you from the inside out.” (Get it at Amazon or Westminster Books)

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberEncouragement: Adrenaline for the Soul by Mark Chanski. “In a crisis, the body’s burst of adrenaline can boost the average person’s physical abilities, so that a man is able to lift a car off a trapped bicyclist and a mother can fight off a polar bear threatening her son. Author Mark Chanski makes the case that encouragement is able to do emotionally and psychologically for the soul what adrenaline does for the body. While Christians are sometimes reluctant to offer encouragement, we must do so in order to love our neighbors as ourselves. Building on the foundation of the gospel as the ultimate encouragement from God, the author—using quotations, historical references, illustrations, and examples—sets forth the Christian’s obligation to offer encouragement and then shows us how we can be encouraging in our families, our churches, and the world in general.” (Get it at Amazon)

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberESV Scripture Journal. The ESV Scripture Journals have already been launched in particular person volumes and full units (OT and NT) in paperback. However this month the whole New Testomony has additionally been launched in a restricted version hardcover format. As a private notice, I’m utilizing one of many journals now and really a lot having fun with it. That stated, there’s no profit in having hardcover over paperback besides that it’s a bit of simpler to put in writing in if, like me, you do your devotions in a chair moderately than at a desk. (NT Full Set: Amazon, WTS)

10+ New and Notable Books for SeptemberAdditionally, the ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Quantity Set has been reprinted (with barely darker covers) and will likely be out there once more within the subsequent couple of weeks. “Printed on high-quality book paper with a smyth-sewn binding and packaged in an elegant slipcase, this edition features single-column text typeset like a novel, with verse and chapter numbers laid out in a subtle and unobtrusive way. Perfect for use with Bible reading plans, personal Bible reading, or family devotions, this edition invites the reader to slow down and delight in the beauty of God’s Word.” (Get it at Amazon)

10+ New and Notable Books for September

10+ New and Notable Books for September 10+ New and Notable Books for September 10+ New and Notable Books for September 10+ New and Notable Books for September

10+ New and Notable Books for September

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