7 New and Notable Books for July

7 New and Notable Books for July

7 New and Notable Books for July

July isn’t all the time prime time for guide releases, however on this case, it has carried out okay for itself. Listed below are a number of the new and notable Christian books for July, 2019. In every case, I’ve offered the writer’s editorial description.

Disciplines of a Godly ManDisciplines of a Godly Man (Up to date Version) by R. Kent Hughes. It is a new, up to date version of a modern-day traditional. “No man will get anyplace in life with out self-discipline—and progress in godliness is not any exception. Seasoned pastor R. Kent Hughes’s inspiring and best-selling guide Disciplines of a Godly Man—now up to date with contemporary references and urged assets—is crammed with godly recommendation geared toward serving to males develop within the disciplines of prayer, integrity, marriage, management, worship, purity, and extra. With biblical knowledge, memorable illustrations, and interesting examine questions, this sensible information will empower males to take critically the decision to godliness and direct their power towards the issues that matter most.” (Purchase now from Amazon or Westminster Books)

J-curveJ-Curve: Dying and Rising with Jesus in On a regular basis Life by Paul Miller. “Do we have the wrong map for the Christian life? Life’s inconveniences, disappointments, and trials can leave us confused, cynical, and eventually bitter. But the apostle Paul traces out the path of dying and rising with Jesus—what Paul Miller calls the ‘J-Curve’—as the normal Christian life. The J-Curve maps the ups and downs of daily life onto the story of Jesus. It grounds our journeys not in some abstract idea but in union with Christ and his work of love. Understanding our lives in light of the J-Curve roots our hope, centers our love, and tethers our faith to Christ.” (Purchase now from Amazon or Westminster Books)

How Can I Be SureHow Can I Be Certain I’m a Christian?: The Satisfying Certainty of Everlasting Life by Donald Whitney. It is a re-release of a guide by a favourite writer. “Nearly everyone wants to go to heaven when they die. Nearly everyone assumes they will go there. And yet the Bible paints a picture of the ‘road that leads to eternal life’ being found and traveled by few. Careful students of the Scriptures often find themselves wondering, How can I be sure of my salvation? Veteran Bible teacher Donald S. Whitney guides us carefully and patiently through the Bible’s teachings on salvation and eternal life—steering us clear of misplaced confidence and pointing us always toward Christ our hope. If doubts about your salvation ever disturb your peace, turn again and again to this book for refreshing clarity and confidence in the God who guides your steps.” (Purchase now from Amazon)

Cultural EngagementCultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Up to date Points, edited by Joshua Chatraw & Karen Swallow Prior. “How ought to Christians method necessary up to date points like struggle, race, creation care, gender, and politics? Christians in each tradition are confronted with social tendencies and ethical questions that may be troublesome to navigate. However, the Bible typically doesn’t communicate on to such points. Even when it does, it may be complicated to understand how finest to use the biblical educating. In Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Up to date Points authors Joshua D. Chatraw and Karen Swallow Prior first supply a broadly accessible framework for cultural engagement after which discover particular sizzling subjects in present Western tradition together with: Sexuality; Gender Roles; Human Life and Replica Expertise; Immigration and Race; Creation and Creature Care; Politics; Work; Arts; Conflict, Weapons, and Capital Punishment. That includes contributions from over forty prime thinkers, proponents of assorted views on the particular subjects current their approaches in their very own phrases, offering readers a possibility to pretty think about choices.” (Purchase now from Amazon)

The Promises of GodThe Guarantees of God: A New Version of the Traditional Devotional Primarily based on the English Commonplace Model by Charles Spurgeon (revised by Tim Chester). “For over 150 years, Charles Spurgeon’s classic daily devotional on God’s promises has comforted the hearts of God’s people. For each day of the year, Spurgeon reflects on a specific promise of God from Scripture that strengthened his heart in times of severe depression and suffering. Each daily meditation testifies to the goodness, faithfulness, and power of God. In this volume, Tim Chester helps Spurgeon speak to a new generation, updating archaic words, shortening sentences, and streamlining sentence structure—all without losing Spurgeon’s passionate and pastoral voice. These devotional readings will inspire you with fresh faith in the promise-making and promise-keeping God of the Bible.” (Purchase now from Amazon or Westminster Books)

Reformed Expository Bible StudiesReformed Expository Bible Research, edited by Jon Nielson. This new sequence of Bible examine guides comes from P&R Publications and properly enhances their Reformed Expository Commentary sequence. The sequence has launched with volumes on Daniel, Galatians, and James. Right here’s how they introduce them: “Studying the Bible will change your life. This is the consistent witness of Scripture and the experience of people all over the world, in every period of church history. Whether we study the Bible alone or with other Christians, it will change us from the inside out. The Reformed Expository Bible Studies provide tools for biblical transformation. Written as a companion to the Reformed Expository Commentary, this series is designed to help people study the Bible for themselves, understand its message, and apply its truths to daily life. Each study is introduced by a pastor-scholar who has written a full-length expository commentary on the same book of the Bible.” (Purchase now from Amazon or Westminster Books)

CreedThe Christian’s Creed: Embracing the Apostolic Religion by Stanley Gale. “The Apostles’ Creed is the most popular summary of the Christian faith. Yet for all its simplicity, the Creed expresses profound truths about God’s redemptive work that are full of liturgical, catechetical, confessional, and missional implications. In this book, author Stanley D. Gale familiarizes modern readers with this ancient statement of belief and its demand for a faith that enlightens the mind, enflames the heart, and engages the will with the wonders of God’s saving grace.” (Purchase now from Amazon or Westminster Books)

7 New and Notable Books for July

7 New and Notable Books for July 7 New and Notable Books for July 7 New and Notable Books for July 7 New and Notable Books for July

7 New and Notable Books for July

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