A La Carte (April 17)

Westminster Books has a deal this week on Joel Beeke’s new magnum opus. (Wait, wasn’t A Puritan Theology has magnum opus? I suppose you possibly can’t go flawed both manner!)

On Graying Towards Glory

That is such and inspiring article. “There is, though, a sweetness to the truth of what is happening in my body and the bodies of my peers: we know, even without looking in the mirror, we are wasting away and with that comes a strange renewal in our inward man. We know our days are numbered, and with them comes an urgency, unlike the urgency we felt in our teens and twenties.” (From one other creator, see Ageing and Ending Nicely.)

The Absolute Finest Hike in Each State

I’d love to do every one in all these!

May Jesus Have Sinned? (Video)

Jesus was tempted, however might he have sinned? Dr. Blair Smith of RTS takes on the query on this quick video.

No Personal Matter

Yup. “The raging disputes over finer points of theology, over the social expression of justice in a conflicted world, and a whole host of other significant and insignificant issues could be much better worked through in the channels of private communication, through the colloquy of local churches and denomination, and in face-to-face dialogues where nuance can be embodied, and even strong disagreement can be privately worked through.”

Why Is It Inappropriate (and Harmful) to Alert an Alleged Offender of Abuse Earlier than Calling CPS and/or the Police?

Brad Hambrick explains the excellence between acts which might be immoral and acts which might be unlawful. “For ministry leaders it can often feel inappropriate to contact Child Protective Services (CPS) or law enforcement without first questioning an alleged perpetrator of abuse, especially if this person is a church member under our shepherding care.”

Salvation by Propitiation

Kevin DeYoung explains a valuable level of Christian doctrine. “Propitiation is used in the New Testament to describe the pacifying, placating, or appeasing of God’s wrath. The easiest way to remember the term is that in propitiation God is made pro-us. Unlike expiation, propitiation has a relational component to it. Christ’s death not only removed the moral stain of sin; it also removed the personal offense of sin.”

The best way to Fall in Ministry

“Each time it happens, we get less adept at incredulity, less inclined to outrage and distress. We’re not happy about it, of course, but we are, sadly, getting used to it. Then the backward troubleshooting begins, the diagnosing of sicknesses long after the deaths. Ministry post-mortems tell us so much, but it would be great if we could see the falls coming. But can’t we?”

Flashback: Christians, Mentors, and Mentoring

You hear so much concerning the worth and knowledge of in search of out older mentors to stroll beside you in your Christian journey. Listed below are some ideas and concepts about who ought to search a mentor and who ought to be a mentor to the youthful generations.

A La Carte (April 17)

Demise breaks the union between the physique and the soul, however perfects the union between Christ and the soul. —Thomas Watson

A La Carte (April 17)

A La Carte (April 17) A La Carte (April 17) A La Carte (April 17) A La Carte (April 17)

A La Carte (April 17)


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