A La Carte (April 28) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (April 28) – Tim Challies

At present’s Kindle offers embrace a few new books, plus some that have been on the listing final week however have since dropped in worth.

(Yesterday on the weblog: The Proper Response to the Outdated Testomony Regulation)

Greater Training and the COVID-19 Disaster

Al Mohler has penned an extended article in regards to the challenges to increased schooling. Whether or not his view is practical or pessimistic stays to be seen, however both means, it’s loads sobering. “The coronavirus just collapsed a decade of institutional strategy and planning to a matter of weeks. The stress test tremors we all saw coming has become an earthquake.” He traces the three phases of the unfolding disaster. (See additionally: The Coming Storm for Christian Greater Training and Faculty Campuses Should Reopen within the Fall. Right here’s How We Do It.)

Household Thanks Upkeep Worker for Comforting Dying Mom in Lengthy Time period Care Facility

This can be a candy story, not least as a result of the “hero” desires no recognition. “When Iris Roper’s family was unable to visit her after she was diagnosed with COVID-19, an employee of her care facility let them speak to her through his phone while he held her hand.”

Why Are Literary Genres Essential When Finding out the Bible? (Video)

Whether or not that is new territory for you or a refresh, it’s good to think about why literary genres are so essential when learning the Bible.

When Every part Is Not Apparent

Right here’s a great one from Kevin DeYoung. “Docs and economists and journalists and historians and epidemiologists can be writing in regards to the virus for many years. Sooner or later, it might turn into “obvious” that closing colleges saved lives or that it was pointless. Sooner or later, it might turn into apparent which nations and which leaders made one of the best choices. Sooner or later, it might be apparent all of the methods we made an enormous downside much less lethal or made a severe disaster worse. However in the meanwhile–within the fog of a pathogenic warfare–it solely takes fives minutes on Twitter to comprehend that one of the best ways ahead shouldn’t be patently apparent.”

The Apprentice

Tony Payne makes the argument that as a substitute of speaking about “disciples” we must always speak about “apprentices.” Hear him out…

‘Professional Twitter’ Solely Goes So Far. Convey Again Blogs

Cal Newport is looking for the return of blogs. The factors he makes in regards to the pandemic are equally true of discussions associated to theology. “If this pandemic had struck even as recently as 10 years ago, we would have been stuck listening to whichever experts an overwhelmed media corps happened to have in their Rolodex. Today we can be significantly more informed, but this vision of an information-rich pandemic response is not flawless. Twitter was optimized for links and short musings. It’s not well suited for complex discussions or nuanced analyses.”


As a baptist, I believe it’s essential to make sure I correctly perceive the place of my paedobaptist brothers and sisters. This text from Man Richard explains the place effectively. It’s fascinating to me that each side shift the burden of proof to the opposite. So, for instance, he says, “Our credobaptist brothers and sisters have to demonstrate that the Bible teaches that professing believers, and no one else, are to be baptized.” But baptists would say, “You need to demonstrate that children and not just professing believers are to be baptized.”

Flashback: Netflix’s Largest Competitors

By releasing whole seasons without delay relatively than on the conventional fee of an episode per week, they’re serving to us kind habits of binging, of decreasing sleep to realize leisure.

A La Carte (April 28) - Tim Challies

Confidence within the face of loss of life has emboldened Christ’s folks for 2 thousand years. The reality of God’s sensible and good sovereignty has been the stabilizing energy for 1000’s of Christians within the sacrifices of affection. —John Piper

A La Carte (April 28) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (April 28) - Tim Challies A La Carte (April 28) - Tim Challies A La Carte (April 28) - Tim Challies A La Carte (April 28) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (April 28) - Tim Challies

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