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A La Carte (August 1)

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Do the Gospels Borrow from Pagan Myths?

This is a very common charge against the Bible. But is it based on reality? “Why should anyone see Jesus as being distinct from the pagan gods? Could it be that the New Testament stories of Jesus represent the fictive myth of an ancient mystery cult that’s survived for 2,000 years? Or is there something different about the accounts of Jesus’s time on earth?”

How a Boeing 737 Was Stolen (And Never Found) (Video)

How do you steal a jet and get away with it? Like this, I guess…

The Piper and The Meyer – An Epic Ballad

I guess this would be labeled a work of love and affection!

On Becoming Presbyterian

I remain fully committed to baptist theology. Yet I still enjoyed reading this brother’s long and deliberate journey to Presbyterian convictions.

Why Do People Say “Jesus H. Christ?”

Obviously you should never say “Jesus H. Christ” since it blasphemously misuses the Lord’s name. But it is still interesting to know where the rather odd exclamation came from. “Eventually, the phrase ‘Jesus H. Christ’ became something of a joke and it began to be used as a mild expletive. In his autobiography, the American author Mark Twain (a.k.a. Samuel Langhorne Clemens; lived 1835–1910) observed that the phrase was already in common use when he was still a young lad.”

How Can I Forgive My Parents for Childhood Abuse?

John Piper answers a very difficult question.

Three Cautions and Encouragements for Dads

Here’s one for the fathers.

Flashback; What Is the Bible, Anyway?

The Bible guides us to its purpose and power through the many metaphors it uses to describe itself. Here is a pretty good collection of them.

Wherever the Holy Spirit dwells, His presence creates a hunger for holiness. —Donald Whitney

A La Carte (August 1)

A La Carte (August 1) A La Carte (August 1) A La Carte (August 1) A La Carte (August 1)

A La Carte (August 1)