A La Carte (August 15)

At this time’s Kindle offers embody small however numerous assortment of books you need to take a look at.

The current offers from Westminster Books are centered on serving to teenagers see life by means of three biblical lenses.

(Yesterday on the weblog: Lacking Components in Our Discussions about Apostasy)

three Questions D.A. Carson Asks Potential Apostates

I’ve learn this earlier than. I’m glad I learn it once more. “Those of us who have had the privilege of leading people to Christ have often observed how a few weeks later, couple of months later, they come back and they’re all upset and bothered because they’re not sure if maybe they’ve lost their salvation, they’ve sinned again, or whatever. And what you do in that case is take them to the promises of God.”

Jeremiah 29:11
I don’t suppose anybody doubts Jeremiah 29:11 is related at present, however there appears to be plenty of disagreement on simply how it’s related.
Faithfulness With a Full Quiver

There are some good and life like ideas right here about real-life productiveness. “Thus, my search for productivity hacks began. It wasn’t long however until I ran into a significant but not surprising problem: Most of the ‘productivity lit’ is curated for the unmarried and childless audience. Some of the advice was just not going to cut it given my position.”

Why Are Christian Dad and mom Abandoning Their Kids?

“Fertility clinics across America are struggling with a growing number of abandoned embryos—many that are being left behind by Christian parents.” Joe Carter covers it this silent tragedy.

Why You Ought to Resist Conspiracy Theories

I loved the considerably differing views (or are they complementary?) between this text and the subsequent one.

It’s Not Paranoia If It’s True

I loved the considerably differing views (or are they complementary?) between this text and the earlier one. (See additionally Al Mohler on the loss of life of Jeffrey Epstein.)

What Sins Are You Killing At this time?

From Peter Adam and TGC Australia comes an essential query: What sins are you killing at present? “Why are our sins so invisible to us? Because we are naturally complicit in the sins of our culture, our sub-culture, our heroes, our family, our friends. Because these sins surround us, because they are part of the air we breathe, they are invisible to us.”

Flashback: The Affected person Mercy of a Holy God

There could be affected person mercy, however there should be simply wrath. God’s mercy, expressed in endurance, doesn’t final eternally. It doesn’t negate justice; it simply holds it off for a time.

Each time you apologize, you acknowledge that the largest issues you face in life exist inside you, not outdoors of you. —Paul David Tripp

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