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A La Carte (August 22)

In the present day’s Kindle offers embrace titles by Joel and Mary Beeke (with whom I shared a pleasant dinner simply two days in the past, because it occurs).

(Yesterday on the weblog: The Couch Salesperson Who Did The whole lot Unsuitable)

Find out how to Fall . . . Once more

Right here’s Jared Wilson being smart once more. “If you’re a restored church leader — or simply a church member walking in repentance after a fall — you may have some obvious boundaries in place to keep you from the explicit routes back to your old sins. But there are some ways your new life might make you vulnerable to new sins. The devil is cunning and is perfectly willing to cut you in the left side while you protect your right. How might this happen? What are some ways you might fall again? Here are four…”

When The Roll Is Known as Up Yonder

It is a candy reflection.

Does Your Healthiness Assist Your Pursuit of Holiness?

Brad Hambrick: “I’m not sure why, but it seems to me that the ideas of pursuing healthiness and pursuing holiness have become conceptual rivals.”

Why Did Jesus Institute the Lord’s Supper on the Passover?

Keith Mathison takes on an vital query.

Your Ambition Is likely to be Satanic

That is price eager about. “We adore ambition and the ambitious. It’s here that the Bible gives us a serious word of caution. Not all ambition is good. In fact, there are some kinds of ambition that are really evil. There is such a thing as satanic ambition.”

The Blessing of Heaven as a Close to Actuality

Melissa writes, “Their ages: 94 and 84. They have been friends, Sunday school members, and sisters in the faith for years. And now they were saying goodbye.”

Well-known Christians Are Shedding Their Religion…and So Ought to You If Your Religion Is in Them

A lot has been stated these days about folks dropping their religion, however Randy Alcorn remains to be price studying on the topic. “If I may share only one message in mild of the high-profile Christians who’ve lately made public bulletins renouncing their religion, it might be this: you ought to lose your religion…whether it is in anybody apart from Jesus. And it is best to forsake and reject any worldview, regardless of how engaging and seductive and fashionable and affirming, that isn’t in live performance with the worldview of God’s Phrase.”

Flashback: One Method To Make Positive You’re Preaching a Sermon, Not Main a Bible Examine

I’ve noticed that some sermons are literally Bible research and a few Bible research are literally sermons…I discover it useful to drive myself to differentiate between them, particularly when I’m requested to steer one or the opposite.

A La Carte (August 22)

A stranger to the concern of God is a stranger to the dwelling God himself. —Albert Martin

A La Carte (August 22)

A La Carte (August 22) A La Carte (August 22) A La Carte (August 22) A La Carte (August 22)

A La Carte (August 22)