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A La Carte (August 26)

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6 Powerful Keys To Overcoming Anger
Mark Altrogge asks a question that helps interpret our anger. “What is it that I want right now that I’m not getting?  This question has changed my life. This question has helped me again and again to overcome the temptation to anger in my life. I try to ask myself this question when I’m tempted to be angry. What is it I want right now that I’m not getting?”
Have You Valued and Loved Rightly?

“I remember somebody asking the following question: if you could go to Heaven now, or live a really happy and fulfilled life here on earth and then go to Heaven, what would you say? The questioner suggested that many of us would opt for the latter. That, he averred, was something of a problem.” He could be right…

4 Ways to Grow in Self-Control

I’ve argued before that self-control is one of the biggest indicators of Christian character. Without it, you’ll eventually ruin your life and legacy. With it, you can thrive and be a blessing to others around you. You’re probably convinced of the need for self-control. But how do you get it?” Let’s not let ourselves that there’s something intrinsically legalistic about self-control!

Humility Is Not Hating Yourself

“We think humility is an impossible burden, but in reality it is as light as a feather. It is pride that makes life gray and drab; humility brings out the color. Why do we get this wrong? I don’t know, but part of the answer might be we simply misunderstand what humility is. Here are two ways we do so, in particular.”

A Three-Day Circus

Andrée Seu Peterson decided to attend the Trans Wellness Conference. She learned a lot, though I guess she may have over-stayed her welcome a little.


“We need people who are passionate about the gospel, and who therefore may well come across as ‘weird’ to a secular sceptic. But ‘non-weird’ in that they love to read their bibles and to pray, they love to meet their fellow Christians, and sing God’s praises. They live healthy, balanced Christian lives, but with full hearts.”

4 Lies That Cause Pastors to Neglect Their Families

Jaime Owens offers up four lies that pastors tell themselves that cause them to neglect their families. Pastors would do well to read and ponder these.

Flashback: Not In Part But the Whole

Partial forgiveness is complete condemnation. The Christian and the Christian alone knows the pure delight of God’s full and final forgiveness.

The local church should be the antidote to both individualism and tribalism, a place where each person stands individually before God and as a member of a new people and family. —Jonathan Leeman

A La Carte (August 26)

A La Carte (August 26) A La Carte (August 26) A La Carte (August 26) A La Carte (August 26)

A La Carte (August 26)