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A La Carte (August 27)

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(Yesterday on the blog: Gray Hair and a Righteous Life)

Should Women Preach in Our Churches?

Here’s Kevin DeYoung on a pressing issue. “This is not an article about the case for complementarianism instead of egalitarianism. That matters, of course, but this piece is for self-identified complementarians wondering if their theology can allow, or should allow, for women preaching. Here is the question I want to address: Is there biblical justification, given basic complementarian convictions, for the practice of women preaching sermons in a Sunday worship service?”

When to Speak Out? A Pastor’s Engagement with Current Issues

“A pastoral colleague recently bemoaned, ‘It feels like I get hammered if I do, and hammered if I don’t.’ He was referring to the constant pull of our culture these days to ‘make a statement’ about the current ‘hot topic’ trending on the 24-hour news cycle or on social media. The pull to ‘use your platform’ from the pulpit to the blogosphere is an interesting dance for the contemporary pastor because there exists some inherent tensions in pastoral ministry in shepherding the flock, teaching the gospel of grace and truth, and modeling winsome cultural engagement in an increasingly fragmented world.”

The Curse of Playing the Wicked Witch of the West

This is the interesting background story of the actress who played the infamous Wicked Witch of the West.

In Praise of a Summer Slowdown

This article explains what one church’s summer schedule looks like and the benefits of this schedule through the summer months. As it happens, we follow a somewhat similar pattern at Grace Fellowship Church.

Trusted for Truth (SPONSORED LINK)
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The Source of Biblical Boldness

There’s a challenge here! “The problem is that gentleness, as a fruit of the Spirit, is often mistaken for its placebo, niceness. Gracious words are ‘like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body’ (Proverbs 16:24), but niceness, like most artificial sweeteners, leaves a sour aftertaste. Niceness masquerades as love but fears men more than God. As a result, niceness almost invariably assigns greater weight to tone than truth, taking up verbal arms only when something ‘big’ like substitutionary atonement or the Trinity is on the line—by which point it’s too late.”

Daily Slogging in the Power of the Spirit

“I am not impressed by young pastors who seem too eager to publish books and speak at big events and build ‘a platform.’ They are doing the work of the Lord, which is good. But I’m not impressed. What impresses me is my dad’s daily slogging, year after year, in the power of the Spirit, with no big-deal-ness as the goal or the payoff. This is the pastoral ministry that brings Jesus into the world today, and it takes a lifetime to develop.” Amen!

Are You Schismatic? Examining Your Heart for the Sin of Schism

Schism may not be exactly what we think it is. “Schism is a scary, serious word. We often think of a schismatic as someone who has caused a split in a denomination over a hot topic issue or walked away from the church entirely, and these never include ourselves. But John Owen’s teaching on schism reminds us that schism can be much less dramatic than this and thus much easier to fall into without realizing it.”

Flashback: Love Is a Risky Business

God will never receive new knowledge of me that may cause him to question his determination to call me his friend. And for that reason, no relationship I have will ever be more secure than my relationship with him.

It is not enough for me to believe that God loved the world. I must be gripped by the realization that God loves me. —Jerry Bridges

A La Carte (August 27)

A La Carte (August 27) A La Carte (August 27) A La Carte (August 27) A La Carte (August 27)

A La Carte (August 27)