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A La Carte (August 28)

I put a bit of extra time into tracking down Kindle deals today and actually put together a pretty solid list.

On the printed book front, Westminster Books is having a summer clearance sale which has all kinds of great books discounted. Some of their other recent sales are also still ongoing.

Ordinary Faithfulness in the Smallest Tasks

“I’ve come to realize that one of the most underappreciated aspects of the Christian life is ordinary faithfulness. Striving for excellence in the small, mundane tasks that God has given today often seems boring and unsatisfying.” But it’s the stuff of real life, isn’t it?

A Call To Contend

Chris Thomas: “I love the gospel. I imagine you love it too. I love to preach the gospel. And I’m sure you love the sound of the gospel as it echoes in your soul. Which is the very reason I need to notice Jude’s diversion away from speaking about the one thing any gospel minister loves to address.”

Trusted for Truth (SPONSORED LINK)
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I Feel Like I Need To Whisper

I had a few of these moments through the summer. “We turned a corner, and the view opened up. From the porch of the ruined manor house we could see the cultivated gardens around the lake, fading into forests sheltered by distant mountains. We had to stop and stare. My ten year old son summed it up: ‘I feel like I need to whisper. I don’t know why.’”

Couldn’t, Wouldn’t or Shouldn’t: Delegating Without Losing Your Soul

For what it’s worth, I have a little heuristic I apply in order to delegate without losing my soul. I have three questions: Is this something I couldn’t do, something I wouldn’t do, or something I shouldn’t do? Couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t.” This is going to be helpful to Christian leaders!

On Well-Fed Birds and Pretty Flowers

Here are back-to-back posts on a common theme. “Most of the time, it’s a tightness at my shoulder blades that slowly evolves into a pain that creeps up my neck and wraps itself around my head. At other times, it has been a slight tightening in my chest that stretched to the bottom of my throat. Those are typically the sensations I experience when anxiety threatens to ensnare me. The cause of the anxiety or worry changes from season to season. Sometimes it’s a mountain of tasks that need to be completed. Sometimes it’s the reminder of certain fractured relationships in my life. Sometimes it’s the perpetual pressure associated with having a job that is reliant upon raising financial support.”

What If the Worst Comes to Pass? Developing a What If Theology

“The what-ifs of this world press down on our chests and threaten to take our breath away. They are there in the headlines, in our friends’ prayer requests, on strangers’ social media posts, in our secret thoughts. Fear is an unwelcome and uninvited guest, but nevertheless there it is. Cozy, comfortable, at home even, in our hearts and minds.  Fear is like a security blanket. We wrap ourselves up in it, tight and certain. What would we do without it? We’re so accustomed to its texture, its weight, its presence. What would we hold on to if it weren’t for the what ifs? What would we clamor after, if it’s not to avoid the worst? ”

The Best Advice for a Pastor’s Wife

This is excellent advice for all the wives of pastors out there.

Flashback: Nurture Your Children

Ultimately, your task as a parent is to nurture your children not first toward educational, financial, or vocational success, but toward Jesus Christ. Your primary role is that of the discipler.

When God’s justice falls, we are offended because we think God owes perpetual mercy. We must not take His grace for granted. We must never lose our capacity to be amazed by grace. —R.C. Sproul

A La Carte (August 28)

A La Carte (August 28) A La Carte (August 28) A La Carte (August 28) A La Carte (August 28)

A La Carte (August 28)