A La Carte (August 31) – Tim Challies

Westminster Books has discounted many of this summer’s new releases.

There are some odds and ends listed in today’s Kindle deals.

(Yesterday on the blog: Keep in Mercy’s Way)

The Song That Was Sharper Than Sting

What a sweet bit of writing this is. “Samwise had climbed too many stairs with Shagrat drooling on his heels. He’d blasted through Cirith Ungol’s gates with Galadriel’s light. He’d searched every black corner for Frodo, and now, his master was a tower trapdoor out of reach. So Sam sang nursery rhymes into Mordor.”

A Protestant Apocalypse?

Carl Trueman writes about the true COVID apocalypse. “Hopefully, we will see an end to the COVID chaos within the next six months, even with the possibility of a second wave looming. Yet the second wave is not the only cause for concern. I wonder whether we might see something even more significant: a second ecclesiastical apocalypse.”

Can We Trust Scientific Experts?

In many ways this pandemic has caused people to distrust scientific experts. Can we trust scientific experts? Wyatt Graham answers in an interesting way here.

All That Sparkles is Not Gold

I enjoyed this reflection from Kristin.

What Governs History?

Stephen Nichols: “What governs history? There have been various answers to this throughout history. Some have said, ‘Nothing governs history. Everything is just open to chance. Who knows even how today is going to end?’ Others have said, ‘Fate determines all things.’ We have to go back to Greek and Roman mythology to understand fate. We find this concept in the writings of Homer and Hesiod.”

The Legacy Costs of Sending

“Responsible churches count the cost of missions and of sending laborers. They might overlook counting the legacy costs of missions which tend to creep upon them gradually as more and more servants are sent. What are the legacy costs of missions? How do we count them and even embrace them?” James Faris answers.

Karl Marx vs Charles Spurgeon

What an interesting article from Larry Alex Taunton who compares Charles Spurgeon and Karl Marx, two men who lived in London at the same time.

Flashback: War, Women, and Wealth

Where are you tempted to pursue reputation in the eyes of the world instead of the eyes of God? And where are you tempted to seek security in things you can accumulate rather than in the promises of God?

God’s way to a successful marriage focuses on what husbands and wives put into it, not on what they can get out of it. —John MacArthur

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