A La Carte (May 1) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (Could 1) – Tim Challies

I do know some individuals are rising weary of studying in regards to the coronavirus and its widespread results. I additionally know a very good variety of articles I hyperlink to each day are on that very subject. That’s as a result of it’s what everyone seems to be writing about today. Do know I do my finest to attempt to discover good, recent content material that’s about different issues! It’s simply exhausting to search out some days…

Right now’s Kindle offers embody a whole lot of good books. You might also need to browse the month-to-month normal market offers.

The Virus Isn’t the Solely Check for the Church

Clint Humfrey says, “No church leader today could have predicted the severe test that COVID-19 has brought to the church. But the greatest test is yet to come.” And I believe he might be proper. The best check will probably be whether or not Christians can love each other within the days to return.

How This Chair Conquered the World (Video)

I loved this video not least as a result of I’ve truly seen this chair everywhere in the world.

Important Confusion

Writing for WORLD, Katie Gaultney writes about among the confusion about what marks a vital from a non-essential enterprise. “Experts, such as CDC director Robert Redfield, have warned that a ‘second wave’ of infections this winter may be worse than the first. Even as shops throw open the shutters with hopefulness this spring, round two of business closures may be mere months away. Round one left the economy reeling, and lawmakers now have an opportunity to assess what worked when shutting down businesses—but also what could improve if the world faces a similar crisis in the future.”

How Airways Park 1000’s Of Planes (Video)

Right here’s how airways are coping with their fleets whereas air journey has been principally shut down. What a logistical nightmare! (Additionally, does it trouble anybody else to see near-perfect strains of planes, however with one off-kilter from all of the others?)

Why Hope Will Conquer Demise

Kathryn Butler: “Like many retired healthcare professionals, I’ve rejoined the workforce to assist as coronavirus cases surge. As I transition from days immersed in books with my kids to nights helping people cling to life, I agonize about the faces and names behind the numbers.” (Her guide is superb and nicely price studying.)

The Two Paths Out of Trials

This text is about trials, however was written earlier than this virus existed, so it’s not particularly about this trial.

Testing for COVID-19: What Does It Imply?

We hear a lot in regards to the significance and prevalence of testing, each for signs and antibodies. However what do these truly contain and what do they really imply? Listed here are primary solutions.

Flashback: No Squishy Love, No Brutal Fact

Let’s guarantee our discussions and debates are as marked by Christian character as our conclusions are grounded in biblical fact.

A La Carte (Could 1) - Tim Challies

If we permit poison upon the lip, it could ere lengthy penetrate to the inwards, and it’s nicely to maintain out of the mouth that which we’d shut out from the center. —C.H. Spurgeon

A La Carte (Could 1) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (Could 1) - Tim Challies A La Carte (Could 1) - Tim Challies A La Carte (Could 1) - Tim Challies A La Carte (Could 1) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (Could 1) - Tim Challies

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