A La Carte (Could 30)

A La Carte (Could 30)

Sadly, it’s a no Kindle deal type of day at present. Let’s strive once more tomorrow.

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Can We Stay Longer however Keep Youthful?

Whereas this text veers into evolutionary silliness at one level, it first has a number of attention-grabbing details and observations about growing older. “The senior-housing industry is building inventory meant for seniors, but eighty-seven per cent of retirement-age people want to stay in the same home where they have the three ‘M’s: marriage, mortgage, and memories. The problem is that they can’t. Not when the model is a two-story house with a bedroom and the bathroom upstairs. If we can solve the stairs problem, we won’t need new housing.”

Abortion and Eugenics

Justice Clarence Thomas writes powerfully concerning the connection between abortion and eugenics. “In the Supreme Court’s May 28 decision in Box v. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, the Court denied to review an Indiana law prohibiting abortions on the basis of race, sex, or disability. Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion, excerpted below, describes the connections between abortion advocacy and eugenics, and the ways in which abortion is a tool of modern-day eugenicists.”

Dandelion Time Lapse (Video)

There’s one thing poignantly stunning about this time lapse of a dandelion dying, turning to seed, and blowing away.

Central Carolina Presbytery Research Committee Report on 2018 Revoice Convention

Kevin DeYoung hyperlinks to a committee report on the 2018 Revoice convention. “As members of the body of Christ we don’t get to choose the controversies of our age. We might prefer to be talking about the Trinity or the two natures of Christ—and we should talk a lot about both doctrines—but the fact is that if we are going to be faithful as pastors, as Christians, and as a denomination we cannot avoid talking about sexuality. Sexual identity is one of the main sources of confusion and contention in our world—a reality that likely will not change in our lifetimes. We must find a way to navigate these issues that is biblically sound, theologically robust, historically informed, linguistically careful, relationally compassionate, and pastorally wise.”

The Theological Legacy of Rachel Held Evans

Anne Kennedy has an insightful article on the theological legacy of Rachel Held Evans. “Increasingly marginalized American mainline denominations embraced a splintered reading of Scripture throughout the last century without making any real mark on evangelicalism. Evans popularized this confused reading, reaching many disenfranchised evangelicals just at the moment when they hungered and thirsted for a more culturally palatable Bible.”

God’s Internal Work

This text exhibits one Christian having fun with the fingerprints of God in nature.

Rapid Wants Have Precedence

What an interesting have a look at Kenyan (and/or wider African) views of cash. “First come, first served is how monetary issues sometimes work for almost all of Kenyans. In different phrases, for many Kenyans, cash is allotted to the wants which might be closest at hand. Out of sight means out of thoughts. You don’t assume a lot past your day by day bread. Why would you hassle placing cash in a checking account?”

Flashback: A Warning To These Who Work With Phrases

You’re employed in phrases, however your partner doesn’t. So when there are choices to be made or arguments available, say your bit, however then step away and permit her or him to catch up, to kind these ideas, to make that full reply.

A La Carte (Could 30)

It’s ever the Holy Spirit’s work to show our eyes away from self to Jesus; however Devil’s work is simply the other of this, for he’s always making an attempt to make us regard ourselves as an alternative of Christ. —C.H. Spurgeon

A La Carte (Could 30)

A La Carte (Could 30) A La Carte (Could 30) A La Carte (Could 30) A La Carte (Could 30)

A La Carte (Could 30)

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