A La Carte (May 4) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (Could 4) – Tim Challies

There are a minimum of a number of Kindle offers to take a look at. And, in case you missed it over the weekend, Logos customers will in all probability need to obtain this month’s free guide, a commentary on Isaiah. Maybe additionally try their month-to-month sale.

When Ought to Church buildings Reject Governmental Tips on Gathering and Interact in Civil Disobedience?

Jonathan Leeman addresses an pressing concern: “Because the COVID-19 stay-at-home quarantines tarry, people are getting stressed. State governments take into consideration pathways to opening up. The inventory market leaps a pair proportion factors on the slightest whisper of a vaccine. And pastors have begun to ask one another, ‘When can our church buildings collect once more? But a darker query generally follows: ‘If the federal government continues to say we can’t meet, when will we as church buildings have interaction in civil disobedience by gathering anyway?’”

The Courageous Stunt That Introduced Down Slavery

John Piper writes about David Livingstone’s “brave stunt” that helped convey down slavery. “David Livingstone did not set out to be a global voice for the healing of the ‘open sore of the world’ — the East African slave trade. He set out to heal the disease of sin with the gospel, and the diseases of the body with medical training — all the while believing the Africans were not subhuman.”

6 Questions on Christ’s Coronary heart for Sinners

Dane Ortlund solutions 6 questions on Christ’s coronary heart for sinners—the subject of his most up-to-date guide. They’re good questions like “Is God made at me for my sin?” and “I know what Christ did with my sin on the cross, but what is Christ doing with my sin now?”

Knowledge and Folly in Christian Responses to Coronavirus

It is a very lengthy however very difficult article from Alastair Roberts. Even in the event you don’t love his conclusions, you’ll profit from his reflections on the character of knowledge and folly.

The Insidious Attraction of Cults (Video)

Robert Godfrey has a brief video concerning the insidious attraction of cults.

I Have Seen the Future—And It’s Not the Life We Knew

There isn’t a ton that’s essential on this article, however I do assume it’s useful on this approach: It anticipates a number of the methods folks will reply to the coronavirus disaster and, due to this fact, it is going to put together Christians to reply accordingly. “Some people, who skew younger, are taking the ‘YOLO’ approach of enjoying life while they can because ‘tomorrow isn’t promised.’ They’re eating out, hanging out, ‘revenge shopping,’ traveling. … But others, especially those walloped by the economic toll of the lockdown, have resolved to ‘live cautiously” because ‘life is fragile.’”

‘Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the Nice’

Warren Peel isn’t saying we live out Revelation 18 now (the place we learn concerning the fall of “Babylon the great”). However he additionally isn’t saying we’re not. “The message of this current crisis is clear. There will be an End. Human history is not going round in circles. Whether it comes sooner or later, it will inevitably come. This global catastrophe is the starkest foreshadowing of that Day most of us have ever experienced of this in our lifetime, and it is a merciful warning from God calling the people of the world to repent and trust Christ to save them while they still can.”

Flashback: It’s No Tragedy To Miss the Mannequin

If you’re single, you aren’t lacking out on what’s final and, due to this fact, on what’s important. It’s no tragedy to overlook out on the mannequin. The one tragedy could be to overlook out on the true factor.

Like Lazarus mendacity immobile within the tomb, the unredeemed soul stays lifeless till the voice of God instructions it, “Come forth!” —John MacArthur

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