A La Carte (Could 6)

In the present day’s Kindle offers embody a collection of books about heaven.

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The Wiersbe Possibility – An Appreciation

I admire this appreciation. “Wiersbe challenges me to see that any work not done in the service of God and his people is ultimately vain, that whatever powers God might give to his people, and whatever calling he might place on them, our time is never wasted in putting our arm around ordinary Christians and helping them along the path.”

Creator Rachel Held Evans Dies at Age 37

Rachel Held Evans died on Saturday at simply 37 years of age. WORLD reviews: “Rachel Held Evans, an author and blogger popular with theologically liberal Christians, died Saturday at a hospital in Nashville, Tenn., after a brief illness. She was 37.”

The Gospel is Offensive, However You Shouldn’t Be

This is a vital distinction, isn’t it? Our aim is to be personally inoffensive whilst we preach an offensive message. “We must stand behind the fact that the gospel will offend. We must not cower in fear of being offensive. However, sometimes we fall into the trap of being offensive ourselves. That is, we sometimes add to the offensiveness when we act like jerks in the process.”

Why Fb’s Bans Warrant Concern

We must be thought of about how Fb is taking increasingly more energy (which is to say, how we’re giving Fb increasingly more energy). “Facebook’s speech rules were already vague and malleable. And now the platform is apparently evaluating at least some of its users actions off its pages. This means a person can potentially face social-media bans even if they comply with every syllable of the company’s speech rules on the company’s platform.”

Your Telephone Isn’t Recording Your Conversations

You recognize that spooky feeling the place you discuss one thing and all of the sudden see adverts for it on Fb or different websites? You is perhaps tempted to assume your cellphone is listening, however what if the truth is even scarier? What if these firms know you so properly that they know what you’re going to speak about earlier than you do?

30 Minutes Or Much less: Why Much less Is Typically Extra

“I’m not against 45 minute sermons. I’m not against them, any more than I’m against a 60 minute preach; or one that’s done and dusted in 20 flat. Despite what people tell you there isn’t a rule about sermon length. What needs to be applied is wisdom – something that is always more complicated than law.”

Stunned by Grief

Scott Watkins: “Recent unexpected moments of grief have reminded me of the importance of lament. Whether by journaling, writing short prayers or poems, or listening to heartfelt music, lament reminds me that God is not absent in the troubles of my life. Without God’s presence and the comforting promises found in the Bible, my grief would only end in despair. In lament, I can admit my troubles with boldness by telling God these circumstances are too much for me.”

Flashback: What Ought to We Do with Books by Fallen Leaders?

What will we do with materials related to a pacesetter who has since justly been faraway from his place after committing some act or sample of disqualifying immorality? What ought to we do?

A La Carte (Could 6)

Christ leads me by way of no darker rooms than He went by way of earlier than. —Richard Baxter

A La Carte (Could 6)

A La Carte (Could 6) A La Carte (Could 6) A La Carte (Could 6) A La Carte (Could 6)

A La Carte (Could 6)


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