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It appears to be a little bit of a sluggish day for Kindle offers with solely a pair added. I’ll proceed to look and see what else I can discover.

I do know many pals of my household learn this weblog and are questioning about funeral preparations for my father. The service might be held on Wednesday morning at Grace Presbyterian Church in Dalton, GA. When you want extra info, be at liberty to get in contact with any of us.


There’s tons to consider right here for each pastors and writers. “When it comes to ethics, it is virtually impossible to commend something without sounding like you’re complementing yourself for your commendation.  For example, to praise a speech you’ve just heard as brilliant is to quietly proclaim your own smarts for so quickly recognizing its quality. We can even sound self-congratulatory in our condemnations.  In fact, it’s especially when we’re decrying something dishonorable that we sound like we’re ‘virtue-signaling.’”

How Are Males and Girls Completely different?

Kevin DeYoung checklist 5 methods women and men are completely different in accordance with God’s good design. It sounds so easy, but that is an age of actual confusion.

Rooster Sandwich Charity

“The Chick-fil-A Foundation’s announcement of its shift in giving priorities ruffled many feathers in the evangelical world, but a review of tax documents suggests the chicken restaurant still gives the vast majority of its charitable dollars to Christian ministries. ”

Jesus, Robust and Sort (Video)

I actually like this new track from CityAlight. It’s appropriate for each children and adults.

Are We Meant to Get pleasure from Our Work?

Jim Hamilton: “The good life, then, entails hard work done to provide for others, dependents, whose growth and fruitfulness are evidence of God’s favor and blessing. Prosperity here includes godliness, responsibility, stewardship, and awareness of God, prompting fear and obedience and virtue.”

Do You Want Pals?

This can be a good one. “At least make five close friends in your life. Right now you are in your 20s and 30s, but make at least five friends in ministry whom, 30 years from now, you can meet and say dispensing formalities, ‘Yo, how you doing?’, or whom you can shamelessly and honestly speak about ministry issues, or whom you can call for help in cases of emergency. If you do, you can live a life in ministry without loneliness.”

What Induced This Nice Warship to Sink?

“The story of the Vasa’s quick sinking has gone down as one of the most colossal failures and greatest mysteries in naval architectural history. After a strong gust of wind, the ship leaned to the side and began to take on water through open cannon ports. It sank in full view of a crowd gathered to celebrate the ship’s first voyage, publicly cementing the Vasa as a national catastrophe. After the abrupt sinking, an inquest determined that the ship was unstable; the reasons behind the instability, though, are still being debated today. Some historians believe that the ship was designed incorrectly; others reason that the weight of the ship’s extensive firepower was improperly distributed.”

Flashback: When God Goes Huge And I Go Small

God offers us his instructions but additionally offers us knowledge to use them in all of the intricacies of life—particularly life in a messy, sin-stained world.

A La Carte (December 13) - Tim Challies

Aimless, unproductive Christians contradict the inventive, purposeful, highly effective, merciful God we love. —John Piper

A La Carte (December 13) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (December 13) - Tim Challies A La Carte (December 13) - Tim Challies A La Carte (December 13) - Tim Challies A La Carte (December 13) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (December 13) - Tim Challies


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