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At this time’s Kindle offers embrace a reasonably good number of titles. We used to have the ability to depend on Crossway for some new offers every Monday; I ponder if and when they are going to return…

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The Braveness To Say “Help”

That is so true. “It is hard to ask for help. Hard to admit our brokenness. Hard to accept, in our individualistic society, that we can’t manage alone. Hard to open ourselves up to potential rejection or ridicule. And hard to accept the help even when it is gladly, openly, freely given.”

Don’t Measure Small-City Ministry Just by Its Dimension

“Their work is small, slow, seemingly unstrategic. They’ve seen few conversions. During my visit, we spent many hours with a Muslim man dear to my friend, and it became clear that he was still far from the gospel. Later, my friend expressed his discouragement to me. Viewed in terms of results, the ministry of this remarkable family seems like a waste.”

What Was the Star and How Did the Clever Males Know To Comply with It? (Sponsored)

“What was the star and how did the wise men know to follow it? These are questions people are curious to have answered, especially this time of year. During the Christmas season, many who are hostile to anything Biblical, won’t object to hearing about the ‘Christmas Story’. Often, they welcome it with curiosity! When would be a better opportunity for some undercover evangelizing than when gathering with our friends and family during Christmas week?”

Evangelical Elites Are Out of Contact

Carl Trueman feedback on Mark Galli’s editorial in Christianity At this time through which he argued that Christians should dump Donald Trump. “When someone calls for Trump to be thrown out of office by impeachment or the ballot box, it is reasonable to ask what the available alternatives are. As Mother Theresa is unavailable for the White House, we are really looking at Biden, Warren, or Sanders. I can’t speak to the personal moral qualities of these people, but would voting for them or their policies give Christians any more credibility? Given the role of abortion and LGBTQ rights in their respective campaigns, this is surely something any Christian has to address.”

Opinion: The fading of a democracy: India’s combat to avoid wasting its structure

Writing from India, Christopher David tells how the state of affairs there’s worsening for Christians (and members of different minority religions). “Democracies don’t vanish overnight. They slowly fade into oblivion. This is the harsh reality that faces the world’s largest democracy this winter. Ever since India’s Parliament on December 11th passed the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the nation has been gripped by protests across the land with tens of thousands taking to the streets.”

Handel’s—and Jennens’s—“Messiah”

It’s the suitable time of yr to hearken to Handel’s Messiah. However, after all, it’s not simply his. “Handel’s magnum opus is among the supreme wonders of human genius, particularly for those who needless to say the genius on show isn’t solely Handel’s. We’re so used to calling the work ‘Handel’s Messiah‘ that we fail to spot that he solely wrote the music. And pretty much as good because the music is, what’s being stated, or on this case, sung, is each bit as impressed and provoking.”

British Authorized Reasoning Takes Us By way of the Wanting Glass

This type of reasoning is changing into increasingly more frequent. “Yet one more resolution was handed down this week by a British decide that sounds extra prefer it was written by Humpty Dumpty in Lewis Carroll’s By way of the Wanting Glass than a member of the Western authorized custom. The decide’s resolution is as radical as they arrive, for it successfully marginalizes anybody who refuses to evolve to the unconventional group-think of transgenderism.”

Trumpeters of Mercy

Church buildings ought to be concerned in mercy ministry, however ought to they trumpet their merciful deeds?

Flashback: The Important: Incarnation

The Incarnation is an particularly joyful and essential doctrine for Christians as a result of, not solely did God align with man, however by means of this alignment Jesus gained a human physique that would in flip be sacrificed to endure God’s wrath. This was the one approach that man might be saved.

A La Carte (December 23) - Tim Challies

No matter your coronary heart clings to and confides in, that’s actually your God. —Martin Luther

A La Carte (December 23) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (December 23) - Tim Challies A La Carte (December 23) - Tim Challies A La Carte (December 23) - Tim Challies A La Carte (December 23) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (December 23) - Tim Challies


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