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A fast have a look at my climate app reveals a frigid -14 Celsius on the market this morning. Beside it’s the “feels like” temperature which accounts for wind and different elements; it’s registering at -24. Possibly another person wish to go on the market and carry my trash to the highway for pickup?

Immediately’s Kindle offers embody solely a handful of books, however there are a few necessary ones, together with a quantity within the NSBT collection.

What Is the Which means of Marriage?

Over the previous few years there was a whole lot of discuss concerning the that means of marriage, so it’s not like we don’t know what marriage is all about. But I nonetheless appreciated Wyatt Graham’s look throughout the entire Scripture right here.

David Means Beloved

I so loved studying this tribute to David Powlison by his spouse, Nan. “David was beloved by God. Beloved by his Hawaiian Ohana, beloved by me and our children and grandchildren. He was loved by his colleagues and friends at CCEF and friends all over the world. We all miss David.”


Patterns of Proof: The Purple Sea Miracle is displaying one evening in theaters throughout the nation. The movie raises big questions on the true location for the Israelites crossing web site and its implication in your view of God. It is a movie for the whole household. Let’s look at collectively the historic credibility of the Bible because it’s beneath nice assault at present. Be a part of Timothy Mahoney as he retraces the steps of Moses and the Israelites, listening to concepts from all sides of the controversy as you journey again to the land of the Bible searching for solutions to one of many Bible’s greatest mysteries; the place is the misplaced sea of the Exodus, and what actually occurred there? The occasion includes a panel dialogue afterward with Ken Ham, Kay Arthur, Janet Mefferd, Jeremy Lyon & Todd Starns. Tickets accessible now. (Sponsored Hyperlink)

How Do I Pray With out Ceasing? (Video)

Ligon Duncan supplies some recommendations on that biblical injunction to praying with out ceasing.

His Story of Crossing Antarctica Was Riveting. However How A lot Was Fiction?

American Colin O’Brady lately grew to become the primary individual to ski alone and unassisted throughout Antarctica. Or so he claimed. However did he actually? Nationwide Geographic covers an fascinating scandal.

How Two 1950s Children Enjoying on the Railroad Tracks Discovered a Nationwide Treasure

It’s a neat story, this. “In 1959, the Smithsonian Establishment acquired a letter from Mrs. James ‘Shirley C.’ Wade providing to promote a linen banner bearing an ink portrait of the third president of america, Thomas Jefferson. An eagle carried the Jefferson portrait victoriously aloft framed in a halo of seven-pointed stars. From the chicken’s beak streamed a ribbon proclaiming: ‘T. Jefferson President of america. John Adams is No Extra.’”

We Want Extra Fathers

Chris Thomas: “I’m not actually fundamentally concerned about the flood of criticism for celebrity culture, I’m more concerned with what people propose as the antidote to it. Many responses are naive at best, or foolish at worst. For too many, the ideal church culture would combat our current predicament by idolising obscurity and flattening the collective voice of the body so that none would rise above the rest.”

What’s the Take care of Airplane Meals?

“The Biscoff cookies you’re given as a participation prize for reaching cruising altitude and the warmed-up plastic container of pasta from your trans-Atlantic flight are shrouded in mystery. Most passengers don’t question where their complimentary food came from or how it got to them, despite how little information is given about the meal selection and preparation process. Would anyone stuck 35,000 feet up in the air turn down free food? Not me.” Not me both, although it’s usually borderline inedible.

Flashback: There Is No Our on-line world

The phrase “cyberspace” and the concept behind it make us imagine that after we go surfing, we really go someplace.

A La Carte (February 14) - Tim Challies

The true satan is totally regular, and his function is totally built-in into every day life. Mundane evil is the satan’s enterprise. —David Powlison

A La Carte (February 14) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (February 14) - Tim Challies A La Carte (February 14) - Tim Challies A La Carte (February 14) - Tim Challies A La Carte (February 14) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (February 14) - Tim Challies


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