A La Carte (January 14) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (January 14) – Tim Challies

There’s a fairly good collection of Kindle offers to flick through at present. There’s some Wiersbe, some Lewis, some Keller and a few others…

(Yesterday on the weblog: The Guidelines for Alliteration)

Eating within the Darkish: Is Communion Christ’s Flesh?

It’s so vital that we get our theology of communion proper. Clint Archer writes about his remodeled understanding. “It was common for me to get the chills, moved with wonder, at the ethereal sound of the altar boy’s chimes, sounded at the precise moment at which the bread of communion changed substance into the body of Jesus. I was a card-carrying Catholic, a preteen company man.”

Ought to We Commerce in Funerals for “Celebrations of Life”?

“As a pastor, I’ve noticed how our aversion to death affects how we handle the deceased. Funerals have been traded in for ‘celebrations of life.’ More and more, I’m hearing from my congregation that they ‘don’t want a funeral’ for their loved one. Rather, they want to celebrate the life of the one they loved.”

When You’re Uninterested in Mourning

“In the past year we’ve joined together often, and we know the ritual will only continue. I sat in the pew, filled with grief. Overcome by too many goodbyes, too many surgeries, too much suffering- both past- and to come. I grieved for the sorrows that scroll past my phone each morning, and I grieved for the family and friends who remain blinded in the dark.”

Accepting “No” as God’s Will

R.C. Sproul: “Away with such distortions of biblical faith! They are conceived in the mind of the Tempter, who would seduce us into exchanging faith for magic. No amount of pious verbiage can transform such falsehood into sound doctrine. We must accept the fact that God sometimes says no. Sometimes He calls us to suffer and die even if we want to claim the contrary.”

A Scandal in Oxford: the Curious Case of the Stolen Gospel

Curious, certainly. Should you’ve been studying the information and Christian blogs over the previous couple of years, you’ve most likely picked up numerous elements of this unusual story.

What Your Grandmother’s Piano Needed to Do With Slavery in Zanzibar

“Just over 100 years ago, there existed a unique connection between Victorian New England and Zanzibar, which is a large inhabited island just off the coast of what is now known as Tanzania. America wanted ivory. Africa had elephants. And the port where thousands of tusks funneled through was on the island of Zanzibar.” However this isn’t solely historical past; it additionally intersects with modern software.

How Intercourse Turned King

“It would not be an overstatement to assert that any sexual revolution now being waged began as soon as that half-eaten fruit fell to the ground, its seed burrowing into the earth and growing. The story of Christianity details how this growth overtook many of its patriarchs and protagonists.” It is a lengthy article, however one worthy of your time.

Flashback: God Hates Hypocrisy

Although hypocrisy is an abomination to God that incites his sternest woes, nonetheless there may be hope for the hypocrite. The hypocrite’s hope is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is sort of a strolling, speaking backyard of Eden—a sphere of paradise on earth. With him wrongs are righted, darkness is dispelled, and every little thing that’s twisted will get smoothed out once more. —Glen Scrivener

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