A La Carte (July 21) – Tim Challies

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(Yesterday on the blog: White Fragility and Getting White People To Talk About Racism)

Uncommon Brothers

Marshall Segal has a good one for men: “Good brothers are hard to find, and surprisingly easy to squander. While we focus on the many battles before us, and behind us, and within us, we can forget the men we need beside us.”

The Attractional Church Problem Is Nothing New, And Neither Is The Solution

It’s good to be reminded that the problems we see in today’s church are rarely historically unprecedented.

Announcing Sing! Global 2020, An Immersive Digital Conference for Pastors and Musicians

Getty Music Sing! Global 2020 is an immersive digital conference connecting leaders, families, and churches around the world to encourage and deepen worship. With a vision to help Christians around the world sing the Scriptures and to encourage them with rich teaching, imaginative artistry, and practical resources, this four-day experience (August 30-September 2) will include music led from six continents and an expanded list of over 100 top speakers and artists including John Piper, Trip Lee, David Platt, Joni Tada, Tim Challies & more with 90 days to view on-demand after the event airs. Now, everyone can experience the Sing! conference and we hope you will join us for this exciting event. (Sponsored)

The Unseen Realm: My Two Cents

I really appreciated Keith Mathison’s review of The Unseen Realm. He points out both strengths and weaknesses.

When Step by Step is All We Have

“Masks, schedules, lunches, sports-the questions are endless, and unanswerable at this time. Never has there been so much uncertainty. This got me thinking of the song ‘Step by Step’ by Rich Mullins, one of my favorites.”

Advice To A Keyboard Crusader

In short, “Clamp your mouth. Bite your tongue. Unplug the keyboard. Do whatever it takes to refrain from commenting.”

On a Path I Never Would’ve Chosen

Madelyn Canada: “I’ve never walked these roads to glory before, I’ve not seen what lies beyond the bend, but the one who guides me and holds my right hand was the One that spoke them into existence.”

Earthen Vessels

“Simple earthen vessels. There they are. Wading through laws in Leviticus, I see them. In the details. Amid ritual regulations for priests, Levites, and the people of God.”

Flashback: A Quick Fix for Low Self-Esteem

We gossip to make ourselves feel better. We gossip to address low thoughts of ourselves by broadcasting even lower thoughts of others. We gossip when our love for others is too low and our love for self is too high.

As odd as it sounds, making your entire Christian life about trying to look like a good Christian is a great way to become a terrible Christian. Or at least a weak and defeated one. —Jared Wilson

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