A La Carte (June 13)

There’s a brand new problem of the always-excellent Credo journal so that you can obtain or learn on-line.

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5 Inquiries to Ask When You Are Struggling

It was this sort of knowledge that gave folks such respect for David Powlison.

Studying the Bible Upside Down

The pope lately authorised of fixing the wording of the Lord’s Prayer. John Piper explains why that’s such a foul concept. “All I want to do here is point out how the Pope’s reported rationale reveals an approach to Scripture that undermines its authority. His approach is to do what you might call a hermeneutical headstand. He turns things upside down.”

Cease Praying “Be With” Prayers

Alistair Begg: “The time-bound and fallen creature that I naturally am, I often forget the spiritual and eternal element of reality. That’s why the things that fill my prayers are so regularly absent from Paul’s—and why the things that fill his prayers are so regularly absent from mine. He has his eyes fixed on eternity. His prayers are spiritual. We need to make ours so, too.”

Why Chernobyl Exploded (Video)

Nuclear physics is basically un-understandable to me, however this video comes near clearing away at the least a few of the haze. It’s a comparatively easy rationalization of the horrible accident at Chernobyl.

Why Is it Laborious to Perceive the Bible?

The Bible is a ebook stuffed with non secular riches that may make us clever unto salvation, practice us to stay godly lives, and equip us for ministry (2 Timothy 3:14-17). It’s the world’s all-time bestseller and the perfect promoting ebook in yearly that gross sales have been recorded. Even so, the duty of studying the Bible can really feel like placing collectively an enormous jigsaw puzzle that’s lacking items!”

David Platt Addresses Trump Prayer Controversy

David Platt: “Sunday, a week ago, I made a lot of people glad with the decision I made, and I made some other people mad. So you know what I did? I turned around Monday and I took the people who were glad and made them mad. Albeit unintentionally I successfully ensured that no one would be happy with me. … I somehow managed to be labeled, in Washington, both a far-right-wing conservative and a far-left-wing liberal in less than 24 hours. That is not easy to do.”

Expertise and Our Anxious Hearts

“It’s arduous for us to know how large a change has occurred on this space of transportable know-how. As an example, in a single decade we now have rushed from a world with zero smartphones to a world with roughly two billion smartphones. We purchased these gadgets due to what they promised to do for us, however we will ensure that they’re additionally doing one thing to us.”

Flashback: It’s Not a Blind Religion

We want religion when the best way forward appears unclear or intimidating, when solutions are arduous to seek out. Religion is trusting in somebody who has the solutions we lack. Religion is trusting within the goodness, within the character, of God.

The truth that we now have died to the dominion of sin just isn’t a reality to be placed on a shelf and admired. It’s a reality we should put to make use of daily. —Jerry Bridges

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