A La Carte (June 16) – Tim Challies

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Supreme Court: Employment Law Protects Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Joe Carter explains the recent ruling from the Supreme Court. “There are at least three reasons Christians should be concerned about this court ruling that the term ‘sex’ covers gender identity and sexual orientation.” (See also: The Supreme Court Decides Who Is a Woman and After the Bostock Supreme Court Case.)

Are We Inventing a Post-covid Scotland That’s Stripped of All Humanity?

I expect most of us sympathize with what Neil Mackay says in this article. “We broke the little rule, but we felt like human beings. Fool that I am, I still feel guilty for it. There’s people breaking lockdown everywhere you look – but I still can’t help but worry that our little family unit’s need to show and express love for each other might endanger one of us, or someone else. In truth though, I’d rather not exist than live a life where my humanity has been stripped from me.”

People Are Complicated

When so many people are so quick to categorize people, it’s important we remember just how complicated we all are. “As image bearers of God, every one of us is able to do good. As people who have rejected God and trampled on his law, every one of us does evil. That is not to say that we are all equal in our degree of goodness or evilness. The line that divides good and evil does not cleave every human heart equally in two. But the history of humanity is a history of complex people. Heroes have flaws. Villains are capable of good deeds.”

Don’t Let Your Politics Ruin Your Witness

Casey McCall provides a timely warning. “One of the minor side effects of COVID-19 has been more time spent online for just about everyone. I confess that I have spent more time online in the past three months than during any other three-month period in my life. During this time—and certainly precipitated by tragic civic unrest—I’ve come to believe that many professing Christians rely on partisan politics to provide the primary paradigm through which they see the world.”

When It Seems Your Life Is Going Nowhere

“Although it is sometimes hard to believe that your work, done for God’s glory, has enduring significance, it absolutely does.” There is encouragement here for all of us, no matter what we do in life.

How Fast Can a Vaccine Be Made? (Video)

I, for one, am skeptical that we will see a vaccine anytime soon. But even if we do, you hardly need to be an all-out anti-vaxxer to be hesitant to be first in line for a rushed vaccine. Anyway, this video shows some of what’s involved in getting us to that point where we may have a decision to make.

The Triumph of the Social Scientific Method

Carl Trueman: “there is no ‘I’ behind or before the body. There is no ‘us’ that exists (logically, let alone chronologically) independently of our flesh and that is then randomly assigned to the bodies we have. Our bodies are an integral part of who we are. And I do not “occupy” my body as I might occupy a house or a space suit or a deck chair at the beach. On the contrary, it is an integral part of me, inseparable from who I am.”

Flashback: Setting Up My Kids for Salvation

I trust God with my soul, but for some reason have a much tougher time trusting him with the souls of my kids. I wonder if you can identify with the struggle.

A La Carte (June 16) - Tim Challies

The slothful desire the gains which the diligent get, but they hate the pains which the diligent take. —Matthew Henry

A La Carte (June 16) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (June 16) - Tim Challies A La Carte (June 16) - Tim Challies A La Carte (June 16) - Tim Challies A La Carte (June 16) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (June 16) - Tim Challies

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