A La Carte (June 18)

A La Carte (June 18)

There’s a good bit of Piper and Keller in in the present day’s Kindle offers, although a few of it’s on the excessive finish of cut price territory. Nonetheless, there are offers available.

Should you’re into podcasts, and even in case you’re not, it’s possible you’ll take pleasure in the brand new present “Extremities.” Episode one was simply fascinating.

David Powlison’s memorial service is scheduled for in the present day at three PM EST. You may watch the livestream at CCEF.

(Yesterday on the weblog: Love Is Not Heavy-Handed)

How a Worship Tune Is Fueling Professional-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong

“A Christian worship song filled the air in Hong Kong as upwards of 2 million protestors marched against a Beijing-backed extradition bill. According to the website Shanghaiist, an English-language Chinese news site, ‘Sing Hallelujah to the Lord’ has become the unofficial anthem of the Hong Kong protest movement.” (Additionally learn WORLD and, for background to the protests, take heed to The Briefing.)

When They Name In The Night time

I usually puzzled this too. “I’m not sure why my kids can’t get a glass of water on their own. They know where the cups are kept. They know where the water comes from. They have the skills necessary. Maybe water, hand-delivered by dad, just tastes better—like Coke does when it’s drunk from a glass bottle. I’m not sure why my kids holler from their bed, rather than just slip out from under the covers and come quietly down the hall to gently wake me from my slumber, instead, they insist on calling me in the night.”

Celeb Christians and Our Personal Idolatry

Lore Ferguson Wilbert: “Sometimes it is for the influencer to smash their idol of personal persona, and sometimes it is for the followers to smash their idol of expectations. If followers have an expectation of an unchanging person or a person who is seamless all the way through, it’s the expectation that is wrong, and not necessarily the person they follow. We make enemies of the ‘celebrity Christians’ but most of us don’t set out to become celebrities, and none of us can stand for long on the platform that made us if it’s not the sure foundation of Christ alone.”

Pastoring and the Artwork of Stability

Right here’s one for pastors (and, to lesser diploma, those that are being pastored). “Pastors and theological students, you must bring to the church both experiential piety and doctrinal truth; your right believing must be adorned with right living. You must embrace this subjective-objective balance in your ministry. As John Murray liked to say, we aim for ‘intelligent piety.’ Your preaching should exhibit the loving heart of God and faithfully expound his unchanging truth.”

That Video of a Robotic Getting Overwhelmed

Possibly you noticed that viral parody video a couple of robotic getting crushed. But it’s value enthusiastic about the truth that you most likely felt sorry for the robotic. “It’s a totally understandable reaction! But it’s also one that shows how much trouble we’re going to be in when robots like Atlas become a common sight on our streets.”

What’s Your Church Signal For?

Jared Wilson is nice at these things. “Many times I think bad church signs are simply the result of well-intentioned people who are out of ideas. We want to communicate a timely message in a pithy or engaging way, and we end up outkicking our coverage when it comes to winsomeness and creativity.”

What Actually Occurred to Malaysia’s Lacking Airplane

This can be a lengthy and compelling account of what actually occurred to flight MH370 simply earlier than it disappeared 5 years in the past. It’s well worth the lengthy learn.

Flashback: Not Worrying ≠ Not Caring

God doesn’t imply for us to fret, however to hope. He doesn’t imply for us to bear our personal burden by way of nervousness, however to entrust it to him by way of prayer.

A La Carte (June 18)

No scene in sacred historical past ever gladdens the soul just like the scene on Calvary. —Charles Spurgeon

A La Carte (June 18)

A La Carte (June 18) A La Carte (June 18) A La Carte (June 18) A La Carte (June 18)

A La Carte (June 18)

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