A La Carte (June 8) – Tim Challies

There are only a few Kindle deals I was able to dig up over the weekend.

In case you missed it over the weekend, this month’s free audiobook from Christian Audio is The Gospel’s Power & Message by Paul Washer. (There are a few other good picks on that page discounted to $4.98)

(Yesterday on the blog: Sympathy Is of the Very Essence of Christ’s Religion)

The Measure of Missionary Success

It’s crucial to define success appropriately. “Thoughtful, biblical, urgent-yet-patient faithfulness is the missionary method that has been, and will continue to be, the engine of lasting gospel fruit until Christ returns. And I believe it’s the approach that gives God, the ultimate actor in all missions, the greatest glory.”

Worshipping by Faith, Not by Sight

“We always gather with an unseen host—thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly. Each week the congregation is always bigger than we can see—the spirits of the righteous made perfect.”

How Should Christians Respond to Racism?

I appreciated Adriel Sanchez’s answer at Core Christianity. “We have so confused Christianity with politics that people often assume Christian equals the stuff political conservatives identify with and non-Christian equals the stuff progressives talk about. And since racial justice often tends to be at the forefront of the discussion in politically progressive circles, we shy away from them because we think that to discuss the evil of racism is to identify with the liberal left. But here’s the thing. When we call out the evil of racism, we’re identifying with the word of Almighty God.”

J.K Rowling, Cancel Culture, and the Gradual Demise of the West

Here’s a perspective on the J.K. Rowling controversy that unfolded this weekend. “Let’s be clear, J.K. Rowling hasn’t said anything controversial. She has simply noted an established fact: a scientific, biological, and sociological fact. Indeed, sex is one of the few self evident truths that has been universally accepted in all human history and across cultures, that is, until the last few years. In today’s Western world, to affirm that women are women and that men are men is to speak heresy. To suggest sex is real is paramount to signing your own incarceration to Azkaban.”

Tim Keller Asks for Prayers for Pancreatic Cancer

Tim Keller has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is asking for prayer.

7 Quick Ways to Improve Your Preaching

Preachers may benefit from these 7 tips on preaching from Peter Mead.

Think Like a Farmer

“We don’t sit on our hands hoping we’ll grow in the faith. Neither do we work, work, work and think we are the ones who make growth happen. Instead, we invest in our spiritual growth by plowing it with prayer, irrigating it with the Word, and leaning on the Church to help us defend it from the thorniness of sin. And we do so with the knowledge that God is at work in our hearts, bringing about a harvest in His strength and time.”

Flashback: Every Test and Every Temptation

God does not promise that he will take away the circumstance you are wrestling with…But he does promise to give you himself. And in your tests and in your temptations, nothing could be better than that.

A La Carte (June 8) - Tim Challies

If you are casual about anger and unprepared, you will lose and so will those around you. —Ed Welch

A La Carte (June 8) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (June 8) - Tim Challies A La Carte (June 8) - Tim Challies A La Carte (June 8) - Tim Challies A La Carte (June 8) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (June 8) - Tim Challies

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