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We’re in unfamiliar and unprecedented instances, aren’t we? As we hear rising information of lockdowns, quarantines, journey bans, and cancelations, isn’t it good to know that our God is sovereign? As R.C. Sproul stated, “If there is one single molecule in this universe running around loose, totally free of God’s sovereignty, then we have no guarantee that a single promise of God will ever be fulfilled.” However this virus too, is inside God’s sovereignty, and every of his guarantees stays intact.

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John Piper’s Demise-Row Plea

Right here’s an account of the time John Piper was in a position to preach the gospel to dying row inmates at Louisiana’s Angola jail. “In Angola’s chapel, earlier than eight hundred prisoners, Piper preached from John 6 on Jesus’s feeding of the 5 thousand and his stroll on water. ‘I preached with all my coronary heart to those that may match within the chapel,’ Piper recounted later. ‘I pulled no punches.’ Many different prisoners watched on closed-circuit tv, together with Bordelon and his fellow death-row inmates.”

Is the Nuclear Household a Mistake?

Colin Smothers writes about David Brook’s article that ran final month in The Atlantic known as “The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake.”

The Logistics of the US Census (Video)

The US census is a outstanding feat of logistics. This video explains simply a few of what’s concerned.

Sorry, I Can’t Promise It Will Be Any Completely different

“There are times when people leave churches that you can credibly tell them that a move to your place would resolve their problem.” However, in all honesty, there are way more instances when shifting gained’t resolve their drawback. Or it could simply introduce a brand new drawback.

Gripping Worry

Lisa LaGeorge affords biblical knowledge to counter concern. “We dwell in a fear-filled world, proper? Child lo-jacks, elbow pads, and helicopter mother and father. Attorneys and liabilities, and the Mother-Squad. I’m not a guardian, however I spent greater than a decade speaking with mother and father who had been afraid of what would possibly occur if their college students traveled on a missions journey–sufficient time to concern 37 extra issues than these mother and father had truly thought to fret about. I’ve spent greater than 20 years studying every day briefings from SOS, the CDC, the WHO, and numerous embassies around the globe. I get it. Hazard is actual.”

Embracing Your Reformed Roots

“Our churches can flourish if we will embrace our Reformed roots. Now, some want to run back and use our roots as an excuse not to engage with our modern culture. It is more comfortable to live in the past than in the present. Others dismiss our roots as dated, old-fashioned, and even legalistic as we embrace a standard. However, we face the storm winds of a secular America and as we see churches and denominations swept away with the culture and times, it is important to embrace our roots, so that we might not only hold fast but even flourish in our day.” This text affords 4 methods to embrace Reformed roots.

How Ought to Christians Interact With the Tradition? (Video)

James Anderson gives a short however useful dialogue of tradition on this brief video.

Flashback: There Is Nothing Trite About It!

Relating to prayer, there’s nothing trite about it. We typically can and should do greater than pray, however we must not ever do lower than pray.

A La Carte (March 12) - Tim Challies

True happiness doesn’t come out of your image being appreciated however out of your soul being liked—primarily by Jesus after which by pals who know you. —Matt Fuller

A La Carte (March 12) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (March 12) - Tim Challies A La Carte (March 12) - Tim Challies A La Carte (March 12) - Tim Challies A La Carte (March 12) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (March 12) - Tim Challies


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