A La Carte (March 23) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (March 23) – Tim Challies

My household had a quiet weekend—however I anticipate that’s true of the nice majority of people that learn this website. Fortunately, we proceed to remain wholesome and stay (comparatively) united as a household as we stay for a very long time in shut quarters.

Right now’s Kindle offers embody a protracted, lengthy record of books, commentaries, and different good materials. Additionally, most volumes within the New American Commentary collection are on sale.

(Yesterday on the weblog: Extra Recommendations on Dwelling in Lockdown from Christians in Italy)

Are You Storm-Tossed And Weary?

Barbaranne Kelly writes a couple of frequent worry. “I love my children dearly, but God’s word assures me that he loves them more. Furthermore, his wisdom and power to do for them what they need far outstrips my own abilities. And his will for them is perfect. I just want them home safe—God wants to conform them to the image of his Son. I want them to be shielded from harm—he wants them to be holy. So, in prayer, I lay them at his feet, entrusting them to his care, and asking for wisdom for them and myself.”

A Christian Physician Solutions Questions on COVID-19

Crossway interviewed Bob Cutillo to get some solutions to questions on COVID-19. (See additionally Disaster, Christ, and Confidence for an interview with a distinguished Christian physician, How Do We Make Sense of the Coronavirus? with John Piper, and God Be with Us until We Meet Once more by Albert Mohler.)

How the Virus Bought Out

That is an unbelievable graphic from the NY Instances which has eliminated their paywall for COVID-19 protection, although you should still have to register for a free account. (See additionally: The Week that America Modified, Faux Animal Information Abounds, and Why the Coronavirus Has Been So Profitable.)

16 Methods Pastors Can Work for Unity in Politically Divisive Instances

Andy Naselli: “It is not the case that, as a culture becomes increasingly anti-Christian, all the moral issues become clearer. Some do. But knowing how to live and engage in such a culture can become more complex as we’re faced with lots of new questions, whether we’re talking about resisting school policies on gender pronouns or safety regulations on robots designed for sex. Christians will reach different conclusions amid all these new challenges. Our consciences will respond differently to this and that gray area. What’s important is how we respond to those who vote or believe differently, to learn how to make at least some space for them, and to encourage charity and forbearance.”

Wet Evening, NYC: Portraits

It’s all the time a pleasure to learn no matter Jennie Cesario writes.

We Don’t Know What to Do . . . COVID-19 and a couple of Chronicles 20

As all of us grapple with the results of COVID-19, let’s not overlook to wish for many who are removed from world-class medical care. “Yesterday the US Department of State issued their most dire, war-like, travel warning ever: If you’re an American on a trip, come home now. If you’re an American that lives abroad, stay put and don’t travel. Which means that there was a sudden calculation by and for 151 souls, do I live here or am I visiting? What is my risk? Should I leave? And these are not simple questions.”

Seeing the Individuals in Entrance of You

“Tlisted here are many days when I’m distracted and don’t discover the individuals round me. My eyes are open, however my mind is elsewhere. There are different days after I select to look previous the individuals round me and towards one thing I deem extra important or enchanting.”

Flashback: eight Methods God Works Struggling for Our Good

Struggling by no means comes our approach other than the aim and windfall of God and for that cause, struggling is all the time vital, by no means meaningless. Listed below are some ways in which God brings good from our struggling.

A La Carte (March 23) - Tim Challies

Each story of each determine in each nook of each guide of the Bible is chanting this name. Be holy, for he’s holy. —Jen Wilkin

A La Carte (March 23) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (March 23) - Tim Challies A La Carte (March 23) - Tim Challies A La Carte (March 23) - Tim Challies A La Carte (March 23) - Tim Challies

A La Carte (March 23) - Tim Challies

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