A La Carte (March 3) – Tim Challies

It’s good to see Crossway getting again into Kindle offers with a few books at this time. (Additionally on Amazon, photographers, players and others might wish to reap the benefits of a one-day sale on storage options like SD playing cards, and so forth.)

Logos customers will doubtless wish to seize the free useful resource of the month. In spite of everything, it’s free! The month-to-month sale can also be price shopping via.

(Yesterday on the weblog: From Tabernacle to Stormtrooper Dance)

Do We Actually Consider in Demons?

Trevin Wax challenges Reformed Christians with whether or not or not we actually imagine within the existence and exercise of demons. “When we think of Jesus as presented in the Gospels, we see His earthly ministry in terms of his role as a teacher, as a healer, as a miracle-worker. But what about Jesus the Exorcist? You can’t read any of the Gospels without running again and again into Jesus’ confrontations with evil spirits. Yet we rarely think of Jesus as an exorcist. It’s as if we’ve screened out these harrowing encounters from the image we have of our Messiah.”

It Pays To Maintain Your Nerve within the Transgender Debate

Certainly, it does, as a result of in some unspecified time in the future there’s going to be a large correction in the way in which society thinks about transgenderism. “Now that it is showing signs of swaying back, I wonder if those in the church who have championed the transgender movement, no questions asked, will swing back with the culture.  Probably, because that’s all they know what to do.  They certainly won’t lead the culture out of it, because they’re neither brave nor noble enough to do so.”

Is the Outdated Testomony Relevant to the Christian Life? (Video)

Dr. Mark Futato solutions the query on this episode of #WednesdayWisdom from RTS.

Good Legendary Morning: Not Christian Programming

Jeremy Howard has a protracted and informative have a look at Rhett & Hyperlink and their clarification of why they’ve revoked the Christian religion.

What to Do If You Assume You Have COVID-19

PSA: Right here’s what to do in the event you assume you’ve obtained COVID-19. And, as standard, what not to do can also be necessary. “Particularly in the event you assume you might have a contagious and severe illness, don’t simply stroll into an ER or pressing care when you’ve got different choices. This can be a rule not only for coronavirus, but additionally for measles and different ailments that might be severe.” (Maybe additionally learn Safety from a Pandemic by WORLD and/or Ought to I Fear concerning the Coronavirus? by Todd Wagner.)

The Want for Nuance in Preaching

I respect and affirm the thrust of this text. “Yes, some of our work is to proclaim with clarity and conviction the essential truths of God’s word. We must not mute or soften the bugle call. Truths, especially in the realm of central doctrines and our response to Christ’s saving work, need to be sounded crystal clear. And our congregations need to see and hear them sounded with clarity. But there are other times where it is not a sledgehammer, but a scalpel which is needed.”

Which Comes First: Repentance or Religion?

Sinclair Ferguson takes on a standard however tough query.

Flashback: The Great thing about a Light Coronary heart

If there’s any high quality that’s conspicuous by its absence at this time, maybe it’s gentleness. Although this can be a treasured and exquisite trait, it’s sadly uncommon.

Real advantage is produced by the Holy Spirit, not dredged up from inside. —Harold Senkbeil

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